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In Germany, the Enlightenment brought with it another trend that led to the Holocaust. Much of today’s Germany was once part of the Holy Roman Empire (Hitler's First Reich), which tried reviving the Roman Empire’s glory days, wedded to its state religion of Christianity. The Holy Roman Empire began in 800 CE, when Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor. Its ideal of a union of church and state did not last that long, but the empire still existed when Napoleon's armies invaded in 1806. Napoleon was socially progressive, in a sense, by enacting social reforms such as guaranteed rights, freedom of religion, centralizing the school systems, etc. They were not voluntary for the subject states that he conquered, and he installed his relatives on several thrones. Germany was not as swept up into the Enlightenment as England and France had been, and when Napoleon rammed the Enlightenment down their throats, Germans were not happy with it. With the occupation of the Germanic region, Jews there were given rights that they never had before. While from the Jewish perspective it was a positive development, the humiliating reign of Napoleon created a yearning in German people for the good old days of imperial glory. They longed for the good old days, and part of the good old days was Jews knowing their place.

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Such pacific methods ensured Indians maintained moral authority over the British.

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To all those ignorant Americans:
If you add the population of those countries in the world that still use the very backwards imperial system (USA, Myanmar, Liberia) it totals around 5% of the worlds population. So your are well in the minority. Come on people… embrace the future and get with program. Even us Brits (who invented the imperial system) let it go in the 70’s. Although we still use some imperial units in day to day life like ‘home many miles to Manchester?’, ‘can I have a pint of beer’ etc. All official measurements are SI units… like the rest of the world! So my litre is the same as a litre in Japan, and not a US gallon is different to a gallon anywhere else in the world. Well done USA at being utterly insular, and not even realising it. I applaud your ignorance.

Understanding old British money - pounds, shillings …

It’s hard to believe that the USA is still using the old and inconvenient imperial system of measurement. I think that says a lot about Americans’ strong resistance to adapt to the rest of the world and accept change. Another good example is the fact they still use 1-dollar paper money. It is probably the only country in the world that hasn’t changed to coins for lower denominations, which are vastly cheaper in the long run than paper money. The average life span of a 1-dollar bill is only 1-1/2 to 2 years, but Americans passionately refuse to change to coinage to replace paper money.

Sometimes, these were hired locally, but they could also be hired from Britain.

Understanding old British money - pounds, shillings and …

Reading these comments is an eye sore and that’s coming from a fictional character who has to deal with the joker. anyway America using the imperial system is in itself ironic and yes a lot of Americans are racists but as with a country that big of course you are going to get them just as Australia has bogans and brits have well i dunno poms maybe, but poms is for a certain way of speech not for ones attitude. to put it simply if you go to America and want nice people visit Gotham, and how do you visit Gotham you may ask well thats easy watch the show or read Batman comics. anyway for real world place to visit with nice Americans try California, LA just don’t go to florida whatever you do, just don’t go there, you would be better off in Texas.

The American Revolution did have another consequence as the British government sought to avert something similar happening in India.

It will help you keep the story straight

Just a shame it's mostly been so badly interpreted.
There were some major technological advances in 18th century British brewing:
These are the results of some of Richardson's early trials with the hydrometer in the 1770's:

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During the nineteenth century, an unfortunate disagreement arose between British and Americans concerning the larger weight units. Americans, not very impressed with the history of the British units, redefined the hundredweight to equal exactly 100 pounds. The definition of the ton as 20 hundredweight made the disagreement carry over to the size of the ton: the British "long" ton remained at 2240 pounds while the American "short" ton became exactly 2000 pounds. (The American hundredweight became so popular in commerce that British merchants decided they needed a name for it; they called it the .) Today, most international shipments are reckoned in metric tons, which, coincidentally, are rather close in weight to the British long ton.

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My only problem with the imperial system is that a) my hardware store sells garden hose with 1/2″ diameter, PVC hoses aren’t but garden hose to screw-on pipe connectors are and most screens are in inches. b) A lot of things on the internet (like a lot of Instructables pages and wikipedia) are based on inches, I once saw an equation which was like (length in something imperial * something else)^0.402, so you will be doing a lot more work.