John Gardner’s book, Grendel, is written in first person.

Whether or not one accepts the Christian concept of creation, countless works of art are patterned on this account of the "fall from innocence." The novel Grendel by John Gardner shows us a side of the "beast" the epic Beowulf never considered - the child-like innocence before the brutality....

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The humans in the novel are terrified of Grendel because to them he is a beast....
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Grendel is a novel driven by the main character's sense of isolation

Chart Grendel's understanding of other animals.
What is the human relation to other animals? How are animals used as symbols in ? in the novel? (e.g. why is the meadhall called Hart?)

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Is Christianity any more or less apparent in the novel than it is in the epic?
What are Grendel's thoughts about God or gods throughout the novel? Does he ever change his mind?

The only idea the reader has of the sight of Grendel is the small hints either author gives.
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Aside from being a novel about the search for the meaning of life, Grendel also suggest society’s good and evil have a meaningful and imbalanced relationship where good prevails evil yet facing evil is still critical....

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Grendel’s character in the book and Beowulf’s character in the movie both have an intellectual curiosity which seems to drive them to find out the truth....

With Ray Winstone, Crispin Glover, Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright

Grendel, written by John Gardner, though, offers a more nuanced depiction of the beast by describing the events in Beowulf through Grendel's narration.

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Distinguish among the epic, tragic, romantic, and anti-hero. Which characters of the novel come closest to each of the types? Is any kind of heroism possible within this novel? Why is Grendel so set upon destroying Unferth's heroics?

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In the book, Grendel’s personality contains this trait and Beowulf’s character does not, but in the movie Beowulf is the one with this trait, not Grendel.

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Just as the original Beowulf hints through its narration at an alternative to the brutal warrior-ethic of the Dark Ages (Beowulf originated in the pre-Christian Dark Ages of northern Europe but was recorded centuries later by Christian monks) an alternative world view is also hinted at the end of Grendel, if only through the strange, extreme, almost poetic taunts of Beowulf to the dying Grendel. Unlike the tradition/honor centric ideas of the Shaper, or those of the nihilistic Dragon, Beowulf begins to roughly outline a shift from the pagan world to that of Christian belief in salvation and resurrection: