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The first species on record as having been introduced into New England waters is the goldfish Carassius auratus, a close relative of the carp native to much of eastern Asia. They were brought to North America as early as the late 17th century by British settlers, who released them into neighborhood waters with the hope of adding the ornamental species to the local waters. In the late 1800s, the United States Fish Commission, a predecessor of today’s National Marine Fisheries Service, bred and raised the species, distributing them nationwide to meet demand for ornamental fish ponds and aquaria. Those initial introductions have been augmented over the centuries by aquarium releases and escapes from private ponds and other facilities, resulting in a wide diversity in the shapes and colorations of wild goldfish. They’re sometimes caught by anglers targeting carp and are a frequent site in more urban areas, their presence often betrayed by their bright orange hue.

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The northern snakehead is a predatory fish native to China's Yangtze River region
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Currently, snakeheads are not established in California

So where can I guy nail a few of these Snakeheads?? I fish the Delaware River up around Riegelsville quite a bit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to “where exactly on the Delaware River” — Thank you! Ken-

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I had saltwater fish tanks as a kid growing up in the 1980’s, I used to catch crabs, shrimp, whatever was crawling around under the rocks at low tide. I remember first finding the Asian Shore Crab it looked very different from the local crabs I’d find under the the rocks. Over time a lot of the native crabs have disappeared (except the Blue crab thankfully) and now this crab is all over the place. On the flip side I hear the Blackfish love them so that’s a good thing. At least this non native species somewhat filled a void it created. Although we may have lost some diversity. Hopefully the FrankenFish snakehead won’t damage the ecosystem and mother nature will provide a cure for control. She usually does.

The Northern Snakehead, Channa argus, is no ordinary fish, biologists explain
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The good news: the snakehead offers rip-your-face-off fishing, especially during the August heat. It is very cover-oriented and will hang under beds of lily pads and floating weeds, alongside laydowns, under overhanging brush, along the outer edges of cattails, and along (and sometimes within) thick mats of weeds. The snakehead’s profile is built for speed and lightning fast strikes and, with the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, its clamp is unyielding. There is nothing a snakehead won’t eat. Shiners, sunfish, frogs, fingerling bass, carp and suckers, eels, small turtles, mice, Smart Cars…nothing is safe.

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I am amazed at all the negative comments about Snakeheads being snubbed as Jaws.
Believe me that in Asia and South East Asia,Snakeheads are considered as Prime Sports Fishing,bringing in thousands of dollars from local as well as overseas anglers.
At the same time this fish is progressing with other native as well as imported species, without putting any dent in each other domains.
So it would be very naive to call this fish as invasive or by any other name as it is a fish of FUTURE which will further strengthen our fisheries thus bringing in more revenue for further development.

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Just a warning for anyone that comes down. There are PLENTY of us down there and we catch you killing a snakehead anywhere near one of the places FishHunter just mentioned, you will get confronted. You will need the police. Go to Mantua Creek at the railroad tracks with the Cambodians if you want to kill them like jerkoffs. Don’t come by our spots that don’t drop into open waterways and kill fish we catch on a daily basis. That is unless you want to deal with (what was yesterday alone 13 guys).