and complicated process of building the ancient pyramids

So I began to think, what if the original dimension of the Great Pyramid was 288 before missing its capstone? So then I was like, is it possible there is a hidden formula for figuring out the true dimensions of the Great Pyramid inside the bible? I know our history books state standard mathematics was invented by Rome… Yet, if what is revealed below is true, there is no way in hell Rome invented the inch, foot, mile because they didn’t build the Pyramids or Write the book of Genesis. So… the big question becomes does the Bible and Standard Mathematics reveal the Dimensions of the Great Pyramid and if so just how old is the standard measurement system? With a follow up question… using the formula below could that suggest the builders of those pyramids did in fact build ALL the Pyramids at Giza to represent our three dimensional reality? And if so does this demand someone in our very distant past hide these secrets inside Genesis Chapter 11… or perhaps our not so ancient ancestors misunderstood the science that was passed forward by the survivors of some catastrophic worldwide event? If any of that is true, how is this secret revealed?

The mysteries behind the building of egyptian pyramids

The Step Pyramid stood within a sacred enclosure with various ritual buildings nearby.

Thermal Scan of Egypt’s Pyramids Reveals Mysterious …

If you take the three similar pyramid set ups in Egypt, Mexico and China, and think of them as mathematical representatives of our planets… and think of Easter Island as one of the asteroid belts within our Solar System… is it possible that you can actually find the hypothesized scenario mentioned above? You might be able to find out if you take a planetary computer program and shrink it down until it overlays our Earth, to scale as mentioned above, is it possible Easter Island and these pyramids set ups (and others) are immortalizing another date in universal time?

Egyptian Mysteries The Great Pyramid .

Surrounded by all those signs and symbols by which the ancient nations were wont to express the power and presence of God, the Mason's Lodge resembles a scene of enchantment in the midst of this wilderness which we call the world. And those who are thus assembled together in mystic robes, seem spirits of another age, who have returned to hold their hidden meetings once more in the catacombs of the Egyptian pyramids, or in the cavern-temple sacred to Mithra, or in the subterranean labyrinths of the holy Druids.

The ancient Egyptians built more than 90 royal pyramids, from about 2630 BC until about 1530 BC.

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Chephren significantly enlarged the valley temple and roofed over the causeway; his offering temple at the foot of the pyramid was preceded by a huge "veneration temple" with a row of statuary shrines as the "sanctuary." An immediate impression of this architecture can now be gained only from the valley temple, a square building with smooth sloping exterior walls.

We definitely know the purpose behind the building of the pyramids

On the axis of the sanctuary, at the base of the pyramid, another cult edifice with a vaulted ceiling was introduced; its false door, a Lower Egyptian element, displaced the Upper Egyptian offering place with steles that had originated at Abydos.

For instance how did they build the Palace of Shapur, or the Great Pyramids....

This Is How The Pyramids Of Egypt Were Built

The name of the palace, "white walls," suggests a brick enclosure, and within it were the residences of the king, the shrines of the gods, and the government buildings of the Two Lands, all these in the styles of Upper and Lower Egypt, respectively.

Thermal Scan of Egyptian Pyramids Reveals Mysterious Anomaly ..

A better idea of what Upper and Lower Egypt contributed to the building forms in and around the royal residence can be obtained from the tombs that were built by the unifiers of the country and their successors, especially the limestone tomb precinct of King Zoser.

Aliens Did Not Build The Egyptian Pyramids

In a consistent development of the Lower Egyptian-Memphite concept of the "house tomb," the other buildings within the precinct are patterned after the Memphis residence, including the king's palace, the government buildings of the Two Lands, and the shrines of Upper and Lower Egyptian gods.