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The companies behind streaming are ballooning quickly. Pandora, with 67 million regular users, is publicly traded, with a market capitalization of nearly $2 billion, and Spotify’s investors have reportedly valued the company at $3 billion. Yet so far they have contributed relatively little to the American recording industry’s $7 billion in annual revenue.

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 Looks like the smaller and shrinking recorded music industry is here to stay.
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JMU offers both an undergraduate Music Industry Major and Minor. Majors take a core of music industry, business and traditional music courses. Majors and minors choose from a wide range of courses tailored to their interests, which serve as the foundation for later career growth and development. Course offerings include study in music production and promotion, music business, and technology, all with an emphasis on entrepreneurship in the music industry.

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Please take note that all music majors must audition on a major instrument or voice part. This includes music industry. Please refer to the audition requirements for your instrument or voice, which can be found . Those who would still like to study music industry, but are not able to audition should consider the music industry minor (see link to brochure below).

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In a recent interview, Sean Parker, a board member, said he believed Spotify would eventually attract enough subscribers to help return the music industry to its former glory — that is, to the days before Mr. Parker’s first major enterprise, Napster, came along.

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As the largest music market, the has been a critical proving ground for streaming companies, but competition is also quickly spreading globally. Deezer, a French on-demand service, has announced plans to be in more than 100 countries. And localized streaming services have also sprouted up: Anghami, for example, serves listeners in the , and the Indian music market has Dhingana and Saavn.

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The Music Industry program offers a broad course of study designed to meet the constantly changing requirements of a multi-faceted and protean industry. Music industry graduates are creative managers and entrepreneurs whose most valuable asset is versatility in an industry that requires flexibility to think beyond the limitations of narrow vocational study. Graduates have launched careers at such diverse businesses as American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), BMG Music Publishing, Columbia Creative Services, Epic Records, Creative Artists Agency and Red Light Management, in locations from Charlottesville, VA to New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

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A decade after revolutionized the music world with its iTunes store, the music industry is undergoing another, even more radical, digital transformation as listeners begin to move from CDs and downloads to streaming services like Spotify, and .

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From 78 r.p.m. records to the age of iTunes, artists’ record royalties have been counted as a percentage of a sale price. On a 99-cent download, a typical artist may earn 7 to 10 cents after deductions for the retailer, the record company and the songwriter, music executives say. One industry joke calls the flow of these royalties a “river of nickels.”