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Index funds are definitely a good, solid investment. I like using Motif because it essentially lets me create my own index fund. Of course, it also means that the end result is based on my decisions (which isn’t always a good thing), but it’s definitely a valuable tool. Ultimately, I enjoy using it for my IRA because it allows me to split investments based on a variety of stocks and easily rebalance.

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Motif can still be worth the money if you want to hand-build portfolios or directly observe the portfolio strategies of other users. This was always where Motif shined.

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Not only does Motif help save money on fees but it’s a great way to invest in themes like dividend investing. Picking 30 dividend-paying stocks and ETFs gives you instant diversification and keeps from stressing out over any single company.

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You can invest in individual stocks, ETFs, bond funds and REITs on Motif Investing. About the only asset class that isn’t available through the website is . I’ve created four funds on Motif across different themes including dividends, retirement and my favorite Warren Buffett stocks picks. You really don’t need multiple funds and could potentially diversify with a combination of 30 stocks and ETFs in just one fund.

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Motif Investing isn’t just a great tool for saving money investing but it can also help you find the best stocks for your needs.

04/07/2016 · Motif investing refers to low-cost theme-based ETF investing and is the brain child of Motif Investing CEO Hardeep Walia who launched this service in 2012.

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Looking for ideas on stocks for your portfolio? It’s one of the hidden benefits of investing on Motif. Each of the 12,000+ motifs created by other investors is viewable and separated into more than 10 categories.

Motif Investing isn’t just a great tool for saving money investing but it can also help you find the best stocks for your needs. I’ve been an investment

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What sets Motif Investing apart is that it lets you group up to 30 investments in a fund, called a motif, then buy them all with just one trade. Instead of paying up around $300 to buy the 30 stocks, you pay just $10 each time you invest in the group.

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I used the dividend funds on Motif to put together my own fund of Dividend Stocks for Cash Flow and Growth. The fund holds 12 individual companies across six sectors plus three ETFs for further diversification. The stocks in the fund pay an average 3.5% yield and have increased 21.5% since the beginning of the year.