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Mike graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics with Dean’s honors. As Elite’s Director of Marketing, Mike is responsible for the company’s aggressive growth plans and brand building initiatives, and is proficient in SEO, internet marketing, and brand messaging through a variety of media. His passion for marketing has inspired him to take a number of online marketing courses offered by prominent business schools, including the Wharton School of Business, and he constantly has his finger on the pulse of the marketing world. Mike spearheads the development of Elite’s web-based initiatives, and leads the company’s global expansion through technology-based enterprises. Mike was raised in Santa Rosa, California and now lives in Sacramento with his wife, Anastasia, their son, Julian, and their dog, Dolly

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Marconi Group has a vision for transforming the fundamentals of patent licensing

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By contrast, Lord Simpson was bold. He sold off GEC's defence arm, rebranded the company Marconi and invested his predecessor's cash mountain in the booming telecommunications industry.

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Lord Weinstock had been cautious - steadily building an empire which encompassed solid names such as Hotpoint, Yarrow Shipbuilders, Avery, Metropolitan-Vickers and The Marconi Company.

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Radio is a mass medium that, according to the United Nations, still reaches the widest audience worldwide. From the first complete functional radio model built by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895, known then as wireless telegraphy; to a product today like HomePod by Apple, a smart speaker inspired by the original concept of radio; we reflect on how audio delivery remains a global force for content creation and absorption.

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We’re proud of our intern alumni--several dozen to date. Some recent updates: Sean is completing a Ph.D. at ; Patrick is also completing a Ph.D. at ; Daniel graduates from in the Spring and then on to Bain Consulting. Alex graduates from and now has management consulting offers from McKinsey and Bain. Our (paid) interns learn innovation first-hand and becoming the movers and shakers of tomorrow! Intern Drew from mans the intern sails this coming semester. We will be looking for additional Summer Intern candidates in March, 2014. Watch the ‘jobs’ listing.

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Other inventors also laid the groundwork for the original invention of radio, including Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, who originally discovered electromagnetic radiation; as well as Nikola Tesla, Amos Dolbear, Reginald Fessenden, and William Crookes. It was Marconi who had the business savvy intent on establishing three companies named American Marconi, British Marconi, and Canadian Marconi to monetize the new technology.

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Marconi, however, said nothing for months. Mr Mayo described the market as going through a "pause period". As late as May this year, the company said it was confident that it would "grow profits". That made the crash, when it came, all the more startling.