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It's decided that Shadowman will circle around, grab the key, and circle back before the main body of The Fear arrives. He gets out leads some of the strangers away, he makes his way back to his apartment building and goes upstairs. He throws up in front of the door and thinks about leaving Jaz and Johnny, but then remembers what he felt when Jester had abandoned him; and ultimately decides to carry out the plan. He sneaks back down and kills some strangers near Ricky's remains, and notices a stranger in a strange position. It stood there, very still, arms out, head up, and Shadowman thinks of the word Sentinel.

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This woman is seen walking near a shallow area where one other almostdrowned, but was saved.
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Shadowman wakes up in the turned over car on top of somebody and hears footsteps around the car. He blacks out and later wakes up in a strange room. His body is cut, bruised, and aching. He finds out that he's in IKEA and he finds Johnny sitting in a wheelchair in a makeshift backyard. He finds out Jaz didn't make it, and that Johnny wouldn't be walking anytime soon. The leader of the IKEA kids introduces himself to Shadowman, Saif is a tall, good looking, and fit looking boy with glossy black hair tangled into something like dreadlocks with an assortment of lucky charms, ribbons, bones, and plastic figures tied into them making him look like a character from Pirates of the Caribbean. He states that Johnny crawled back to IKEA and saved Shadowman's life. He then goes on about how great he's made IKEA for his group, and ends with saying Shadowman ruined it.

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He leaves the stranger and looks for the key, he takes Ricky's undamaged Stab-proof police vest, finds the key, and picks up Ricky's crossbow. Going back to the Lexus, he notices more sentinels and has to avoid the mass of adults by cutting through side streets. He again thinks of backing out when he sees about thirty strangers around the car, Jaz spots him and honks the horn. He takes his chance to run in, he fires Ricky's crossbow and then batters strangers with it and drops it while swinging his machete. He spots Bluetooth holding Johnny's spear and makes it to the car. Jaz tells him to slip the key to her through the slightly lowered window. He unlocks the doors with the key and yanks the door open, losing his machete and causing Jaz to spill out. Bluetooth lunges and stabs the spear into Jaz's shoulder. The spear is yanked out and Shadowman helps Jaz into the car.

Rumorsare that an old man in a shack in the bushes murdered the girl in thelate 1980s.
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“Well, what’s all this got to do with me?” You might ask. Plenty! Besides any last shred of humanity you might still harbor for members of your very own race — after all the White guilt trips instilled by the Jew media — what’s happening in South Africa is coming your way, if not already. Think that’s so impossible? Ask the shades of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, gang-raped and in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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In the main building which is the old stony plain high school peoplecan be seen walking the halls ever so often shadows, white figures,many of the major cases stem from renovations.

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He leads Ed's crew to his safe house in Trafalgar Square and introduces himself as Dylan, being too tired to lie. He then swaps information with Ed about the quickly organising adults and the sentinels or pointers as Ed calls them, Ed believes what he says about The Fear and seems interested. Shadowman seems to like the term sickos when referring to adults after Ed says that that's what they call them.

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Now I laugh at those Nelson Mandela Hollywood brainwashing garbage. Like to drop of some of these PC liberals in the middle of some shanty town if I could somehow teleport them there. Haw Haw Haw!