Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes

Making Two Fox Cabins your “base of operations” will put you right in the center of the action, even if that is watching the foxes meander through the property, sitting on the bank of the Cucharas River listening to nature, or spying the deer wandering through the area with their fawns trailing behind.Looking for a little more action?Like to fish?

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that ..

Both individuals and communities do well to think of the little foxes that spoil the vines.

With Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, Teresa Wright, Richard Carlson

Even the little foxes; heresies and heretics are to be nipped in the bud, before they increase to more ungodliness; otherwise errors, which may seem small at first, soon grow larger and spread themselves, and become fatal to the churches: that spoil the vines; as foxes do, by gnawing the branches, biting the bark, making bare the roots, devouring the ripe grapes, and infecting all with their noxious teeth and vicious breath (x): so false teachers make divisions and schisms in churches; disturb their peace; unsettle some, and subvert others; sap the foundation of religion, and corrupt the word of God; and therefore by all means to be taken, and the sooner the better; for our vines have tender grapes: or "flowers"; See Gill on Sol 2:13.

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The following are the remarks of Delitzsch on the subject: "This is a vine dresser's ditty, in accord with Shulamith's experience as the keeper of a vineyard, which, in a figure, aims at her love relation.

Is it not an allusion to the playful pleasure which the young people would find among the vineyards in chasing the little foxes?

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These he commands to take the foxes, to restrain them from doing this mischief; — The disturbers of the vineyard, or the church, namely, seducers or false teachers; — This he adds for more abundant caution, to teach the church to prevent errors and heresies in the beginnings; — Which foxes do many ways, by gnawing and breaking the little branches and leaves, by digging holes in the vineyards, and so spoiling the roots; — Which are easily spoiled, if great care be not used to prevent it.2:14-17 The church is Christ's dove; she returns to him, as her Noah.

The words do seem to be arranged in somewhat of a lyrical form -  The foxes (), or little jackals, were very numerous in Palestine (see ; ; ; ; ).

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So fortunate to have seen Laura Linnie and Cynthia Nixon in Lillian Hellman‘s Little Foxes, regardless that the young woman in front of me had her hair in a tall topknot and wagged her head the whole play.

The Little Foxes is a 1939 play by Lillian Hellman, considered a classic of 20th century drama

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The vineyards, beautiful with fragrant blossoms, point to her covenant of love, and the foxes, the little foxes, which might destroy those united vineyards, point to all the great and little enemies and adverse circumstances which threaten to gnaw and destroy love in the blossom ere it has reached the ripeness of full enjoyment." Some think that Shulamith is giving the reason why she cannot immediately join her beloved, referring to the duties enjoined upon her by her brethren.

the fable of little foxes craving for the sweet vines then wrecking the town is adequate for the story

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which foxes do many ways, as those who write of them have observed, by gnawing and breaking the little branches and leaves, and the bark, by digging holes in the vineyards, and so spoiling the roots, by eating the grapes, and other ways.