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Most Muslimsthought the paradigmatic prophet was Muhammad, a successfulProphet-Statesman who died of old age in the capitalof the incipient state that he created, and this imagemay have made it difficult for them to concede thatJesus could be summarily killed.

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For His first thirty years, Jesus lived a traditional Jewish life, working as a carpenter.

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(Unless we are to take it that the act of breathing somehow caused all these other life processes to begin also, without any further action on God's part.)The obvious alternative understanding of this verse is that the Bible is using the word "breath" here simply as a symbol or an example of life processes.

The Historical Jesus - Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ

“… and 2. The BIble clearly says to know Jesus NO MORE after the Flesh but after the spirit so celebrating Christmas as the Birthdate of Christ is not supposed to happen by real Christains anyway!!”

It Proves NOTHING!! Because Jesus Birth DATE is NOT recorded in the Bible at all!!

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the fact that the church made up a date for the birth of “christ” proves that the story of christ is to made up. The story is just plagirism of other beliefs before the so called jesus lived. the fact there was no “j” in the hebrew language is another big mistake the creaters of the bible made. not to mention the face that jews in that time held no power in rome and could not bring a man to trial convict or kill a man. plus blashphamy was not punishiable by death. the story was wrote close to 150 years after the death of the man called jesus

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The fact that a doctor might say, "Look, he's breathing, he's alive" would hardly be reason to conclude that medical science has proven that breath is the single, identifying characteristic of life.The Bible uses many metaphors for life.

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The Biblical pro-choice argument is based entirely on taking a few verses that use one of these metaphors -- breath --simply not mentioning the others, and then claiming that this proves that "Biblical life" is synonymous with breath.So where does all this leave us?Anyone who was hoping for an explicit Biblical statement on abortion will be disappointed.

Jesus, for me, is the most important and I couldn't go through life without Him by my side.

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The whole reason why people are fascinated by the concept of the soul is because it is understood to mean a part of a person which continues to exist after all life functions -- including breathing -- stop.

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They make much of Genesis 2:7, which describes God life into Adam, but simply ignore verses like John 11:43-44, which describe Jesus life into Lazarus.The most likely explanation of the verses they cite, given the full context with other verses, is simply that in these the Bible is using breath as an example or a sign or sometimes a metaphor for life, using one life process to represent them all.

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Therefore, they say, the unborn child is not truly a living person until he begins breathing, which does not happen until after birth.But this argument is sustained by selecting Bible verses that link life and breath, while ignoring Bible verses that link life with something other than breath.