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M: Not as we know them, as desirable orrepugnant. It becomes rather a question of love seeking expression and meetingwith obstacles. The inclusive mind is love in action, battling againstcircumstances, initially frustrated, ultimately victorious.


Swami Sivananda explains the importance of celibacy for spiritual practice.
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M: In life nothing can be had without overcomingobstacles. The obstacles to the clear perception of one's true being are desirefor pleasure and fear of pain. It is the pleasure-pain motivation that standsin the way. The very freedom from all motivation, the state in which no desirearises is the natural state.


M: All are being liberated. It is not what youlive, but how you live that matters. The idea of enlightenment is of utmostimportance. Just to know that there is such possibility, changes one's entireoutlook. It acts like a burning match in a heap of saw dust. All the greatteachers did nothing else. A spark of truth can burn up a mountain of lies. Theopposite is also true; The sun of truth remains hidden behind the cloud ofself-identification with the body.

I A Commentary on "At the Feet of the Master" ANNIE BESANT, D.L
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The wise man through earnestness, virtue, and purity makes himself an island which no flood can submerge (). The wise man in this world holds fast to faith and wisdom, these are his greatest treasures ; he cast aside all other riches, (). He who bears ill-will to those who bear ill-will can never become pure ; but he who feels no ill-will pacifies those who hate ; as hatred brings misery to mankind, the sage knows no hatred (). Overcome anger by not being angered ; overcome evil by good ; overcome avarice by liberality ; overcome falsehoods by truth (.

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M: Both. Devotion to you goal makes you live aclean and orderly life, given to search for truth and to helping people, andrealisation makes noble virtue easy and spontaneous, by removing for good theobstacles in the shape of desires and fears and wrong ideas.

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In particular, there appeared at the time numerous ideas on how the new forms of life could overcome the old ways and make life more collective--for example, by replacing individual kitchens with huge factory-like kitchen facilities, or by housing the population in dormitories instead of apartments.

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M: Without words, what is there to understand?The need for understanding arises from mis-understanding. What I say is true,but to you it is only a theory. How will you come to know that it is true?Listen, remember, ponder, visualise, experience. Also apply it in your dailylife. Have patience with me and, above all have patience with yourself, for youare your only obstacle. The way leads through yourself beyond yourself. As longas you believe only the particular to be real, conscious and happy and rejectthe non-dual reality as something imagined, an abstract concept, you will findme doling out concepts and abstractions. But once you have touched the realwithin your own being, you will find me describing what for you is the nearestand the dearest.

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The hero of a series of his stories dispenses Zen wisdom to those around him--and commits suicide, not as an act of despair, but for the sake of the overcoming of the seeming difference between life and death.