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The false disillusion is a discovery that the looker-on who masqueraded as the spirit is merely a phantom of the body; it is a perception of the hollowness of the old illusion without the power of escaping therefrom.


Just as in the Creek theater, Buenos Aires presented two masks, one comic, the other tragic.

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We see this 'blindness', theillusion and the fruitful disillusion also in the way the human child has to goduring the Oedipal phase: from illusion (the dyad) to disillusion (the existenceof the triangle).

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But also living in 'blindness'and illusions -- as the human will see much later. A later disillusion isinevitable. The Sphinx returns as a crisis, perhaps as a mid life crisis.

There are three options an individual must face when presented with this pre-made identity.

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Symons's two volumes is such that we are able to trace the progress of his poetic mood from the first illusion to its consummation in a false disillusion; and this regular gradation we can follow with a precision which is at least a striking proof of the author's sincerity.

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The Bridge too is composed of cycles that oscillate between illusion and disillusion as the poet attempts to solve the twin problems of time and space, two aspects of reality that frustrate his drive toward synthesis.

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It was, you see, a false illusion that could lead only to a false awakening; it is utterly different from the true illusion such as hovers over the pastoral world of and works through the magic of Prospero, and the awakening from it is equally different from the disillusion of Shakespeare or of the Hindu philosopher.

Friends, have you experienced any disillusionment in your life? How have you dealt with it?

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The contention is that Hart Crane's poetry is motivated by a central synthesizing idea, the search for union between the illusions presented by poetic vision and the disillusioning antivisionary stance presented by twentieth-century reality.

The relationship of this study to current critical opinion is also discussed, and the main thesis of this work is presented.

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You may hear this note of disillusion many times in Shakespeare, clearest of all in , where with a word Prospero puts an end to his fairy drama in the woods, and all the insubstantial pageant fades away.For one acquainted with Oriental literature it is impossible to reflect on this illusion of art without recurring to the Hindu doctrine of Maya, who is supposed to be the creative force of all this wonderful web of appearances that enwrap the spirit in their mesh and charm the spirit's attention by their mystery of beauty and seeming benevolence.

The disillusion of the flesh is perhaps the saddest chapter in human experience.Now the composition of Mr.

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Since he was unable to alter perceived reality, he was forced to alter his poetic illusions one by one, constantly testing each against the disillusioning patterns of mundane existence until it failed, in continuous cycles of alternating illusion and disillusion.