8 Tales of Pearl Harbor Heroics

19 October 1941:
Headquarters, Sixth Fleet (Submarines) issues an order to convert five midget submarines and five mother submarines for the Hawaii Operation.

DD- Sunk by aircraft of 80 miles north of Panay, 27 October 1944

On December 7, 1941, Japan launches a surprise attack on American soil at Pearl Harbor.

Torpedoed and sunk by 30 miles southeast of Zamboanga, 11 April 1944

MIKE ASHEY PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS SO WHAT COLORS WERE THE BATTLESHIPS AT PEARL HARBOR ON DECEMBER 7, 1941 BY MIKE ASHEY There has been much debate over these many years amongst scale modelers as to what

- Sunk by US Navy aircraft, 21 September 1944

Reclassified as a warship 31 July 1942.Suffered unreliable engines early in her service; the air group was split up and operated ashore for a period; rejoined the ship late 1942.

CV- Sunk by 3 torpedoes fired from  140 miles north of Yap Island, 19 June 1944

Women entered the workplace and changed the family structure.

Bombed by US aircraft at Midway 4 June 1942; munitions andfuel exploded on the flight deck and hangar deck, leading touncontrollable fires; ship was scuttled 5 June 1942.

Displacement: 32,105 tons full load
Dimensions: 820 x 85 x 29 feet/250 x 26 x 8.8 meters
Extreme Dimensions: 845 x 95 x 29 feet/257.5 x 29 x 8.8 meters
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 8 boilers, 4 shafts, 160,000 shp, 34.2 knots
Crew: 1660
Armor: 1.8-6.5 inch belt, 3.9-5.1 inch deck
Armament: 8 dual 5/40 DP, 42 25 mm AA
Aircraft: 72 (84 maximum)Concept/Program: The third pair of fleet carriers, and the last big carriers completed before WWII.

Parker watched the attack from outside the north end of the channel.

World Book Online: The trusted, student-friendly online reference tool. World Book Student Database Name: Date: World War II: War in the Pacific World War II was the most destructive war in history. It

Most air staff officers vehemently oppose the idea.

The Early Battles Main Idea By late 1942, the Allies had stopped the German and Japanese advance. Key Terms and Names Chester Nimitz, Douglas MacArthur, James Doolittle, periphery, George Patton, convoy

DD- Torpedoed and sunk by  65 miles north northwest of Keelung, Formosa, 21 November 1944

May 1941:Mitsukue Bay (Ehime Prefecture), off Shikoku.

1887 A group of American planters, missionaries, and businessmen formed a secret organization, the Hawaiian League which, in turn, joined forces with a local militia.

DD- Sunk by aircraft from  and  150 miles Southwest of Nagasaki, 7 April 1945

Tug KURE MARU serves as temporary base.

However, the Zeroes in the Combat Air Patrol, drawn down against the (as then seen) principal threat of the torpedoes, thus left the sky clear, just as the American dive bombers, the great Douglas SBD "Dauntless," showed up.

DD- Torpedoed and sunk by  7 miles east of Kiska Harbor, Alaska 5 July 1942

With the economy booming, Americans felt their lives improving.

Indeed, Yamamoto knew that the ships would have to refuel at sea, a trickly business that no one had ever attempted during a real, and a secret, military operation.