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Quite apart from government policy or religious doctrine, many people decide whether to have a child on the basis of practical matters such as the health risk to the mother, the value or cost of a child in economic or social terms, the amount of living space, or a personal feeling of suitability as parents. In some parts of the world—and in poorly educated groups in any country—couples have little knowledge of, or access to, modern-birth control information and technology. In the United States, the trend toward casual adolescent sexual relations has led to increasing numbers of unexpected and unwanted pregnancies.

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Media Influences in our Society Essay

Influence of Society on Individual Personality

Therefore, the students will be comfortable with the themes of ‘society’ and ‘individuality’, but will not have discussed the fundamental ideas behind them.

An essay or paper on Influence of Society on Individual Personality

According to cultivation theory, media "cultivates heavy viewers' social reality. Research has consistently found that TV influences heavy viewers' perceptions of the world" (Schnieder, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012). According to this theory, one of the negatives aspects of media violence is that it causes people to view the world as more dangerous than it really is.

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Intergroup conflict, lawful or otherwise, does not necessarily end when one segment of society finally manages to effect a decision in its favor. The resisting groups may then launch efforts to reverse, modify, or circumvent the change, and so the conflict persists. Conflict can, however, also solidify group action; both nations and families tend to be more unified during times of crisis. Sometimes group leaders use this knowledge deliberately to provoke conflict with an outside group, thus reducing tensions and consolidating support within their own group.

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In addition, societies have developed many informal ways of airing conflict, including debates, strikes, demonstrations, polls, advertisements, and even plays, songs, and cartoons. The mass media provide the free means for (and may even encourage) small groups of people with a grievance to make highly visible public statements. Any of these ways and means may either release tensions and promote compromise or inflame and further polarize differences. The failure to resolve or to moderate conflicts leads to tremendous stress on the social system. Inability or unwillingness to change may result in a higher level of conflict: lawsuits, sabotage, violence, or full-scale revolutions or wars.

Mass Media and Its influence on society

Another interesting fact is that, whether consciously aware of what is being displayed or not, media plays a substantial role in influencing consumption patterns and lifestyle. Researchers noted television's power to influence even people who are illiterate. Smith-Speck and Roy (2008) explained that even individuals who cannot read or write can be highly influenced by advertising to purchase certain products, or develop certain lifestyle values. It is this media picture that portrays, and actually molds, our society's value system. In essence, media is conveying what we should buy, who we should be, or who we should become, in order to be "happy". Unfortunately, whether young or old, this seems to be working.

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Even though social media websites are not for reporting the news, people still give their opinions on the news, therefore influencing others' opinions.

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Society cannot determine the amount of influence electronic media or advertisements have upon a person in one given day because it would be like trying to define every function of a computer. The existence of media in society is infinite. There is not a way to confine it and therefore cannot be measured. Without an accurate way to measure the precise influence of electronic telecommunications, researchers have to resort to other measures, mainly a comparison of society before and after the introduction of wireless technology.