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The church is built in the form of a cross, and above the fluted pillars and fine arch, intersecting the two arms of the structure, rises the tower, bearing the crooked spire. The steeple, with its flecked ridges and fantastic twist and decided inclination towards the south, has been likened to a corkscrew, to the leaning Tower of Pisa, and to the uplifted tail of the Dragon of Wantley. It has for years been an object of curiosity, and people never weary of asking how it got askew. Tradition has done its utmost to denote the cause of the steeple’s strange shape. It is said that the spire wrenched itself in bowing to a lovely, virtuous woman as she entered the church to be married; that Satan, having been shod by a blacksmith at Barlow, was in such agony on his way home, that he kicked out violently on passing the church, and twisted the spire with his hoof: and there is another version to the effect that Lucifer, resting one day on the pinnacle of the steeple, had his nose tickled by the incense, and sneezed so inordinately that he shook the fabric into the grotesque form that has made it famous throughout the world.

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Feb 26, 2016 · Donald Trump has once again ignited a firestorm of criticism

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The only structure with any pretension to grace and elegance is the Memorial Hall, standing near the parish church, at the northern end of St. Mary’s Gate. It was built in 1879, as a tribute to George Stephenson, the founder of the railway system, who passed the last years of his life at Chesterfield, and died in 1848 at Tapton House, the red-brick mansion peeping above the trees on the slope to the north-east across the valley, and easily discernible from the hall erected in his honour. The memorial building, which cost about £14,000, is Gothic in style, and whilst pleasing in an architectural sense, is also attractive because of the usefulness of its object, for it is not merely an ornamental memento of the great engineer’s worth, but a commodious home for nearly all the educational institutions in the town.

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Do not say, the people must be educated, when, after all, you only mean, amused, refreshed, soothed, put into good spirits and good humour, or kept from vicious excesses.

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