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Unlike early warning signs, imminent warning signs indicate that a student is very close to behaving in a way that is potentially dangerous to self and/or to others. Imminent warning signs may include:

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Finally, it is important that school communities use their knowledge of early warning signs to address problems before they escalate into violence. School leaders and community members should encourage others to raise concerns about observed early warning signs and to report all observations of imminent danger signs immediately.

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When warning signs indicate that danger is imminent, safety must always be the first consideration. Action must be taken immediately by school officials and possibly law enforcement officers when a child:

imminent warning signs indicate that a student is very close to behaving in a …

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A petition for domestic violence injunction – sometimes called a restraining order– can be filed by anyone who is the victim of any act of domestic violence (including repeat violence, dating violence and sexual violence) or has reasonable cause to believe he or she is in imminent danger of becoming the victim of any act of domestic violence.
Florida Statutes outline what a petitioner may seek protection from in various types of petitions:

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It also affords an efficient means to review your current safety and health activities for better control of your operations, and to plan future improvements.Three model Injury and Illness Prevention Programs are available from Cal/OSHA.

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The employer shall take measures to protect employees from imminent hazards immediately, and shall take measures to protect employees from identified serious hazards within seven days of the discovery of the hazard, where there is a realistic possibility that death or serious physical harm could result from the hazard.

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When filing a petition for an injunction, you do not need to be represented by an attorney. As part of the filing process, you will be asked for identification; so be sure to have your driver’s license or other type of identification with you. Currently, filing fees are not required for an injunction petition.