One of the of the Pop-art idiom.

People and objects were presented in bright, often highly-contrasting colours, while compositions were typically very simple and visually appealing to the general public.

Pop-artists maintained and developed this idea.

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Many Pop-artists continued this tradition of .

Only hereafter was the term Pop-art used as a technical name for the movement, partly due to the critics discomfort with the term , and partly due to the presence in New York of Lawrence Alloway - now a curator at the Guggenheim Museum - who advocated the adoption of the term.

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In economics, via the growth of the world economy in general and the American economy in particular; in science, via the spread of television; in contemporary music, (which itself became known as "Pop") through the miniaturization of radio, increased record production, the appearance of cult groups like The Beatles, and the phenomenon of pychedelia; and lastly through an expanding art market.

Indeed, many Pop-artists saw themselves as contributing to, rather than junking, fine art.

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In addition, the imagery and colour schemes for most Pop-art painting and sculpture was taken from high-profile and easily recognizable consumerist or media sources such as: consumer goods, advertising graphics, magazines, television, film, cartoons and comic books.

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Such a trend, which almost always leads to a blurring of the line between art and demonstration - between something of beauty and mere entertainment - is the hallmark of .

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To achieve their goal of instant meaning, Pop artists experimented with new commercial processes, like , collage on canvas using materials not normally associated with painting, and silkscreen printing.

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For instance, Harold Rosenberg, one of the most influential in the field of contemporary art, described it as being "Like a joke without humour, told over and over again until it begins to sound like a threat...

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in ..

Typically, most famous works (and the artists who created them) could not be appreciated simply by viewing them, but required close study of a museum guidebook.

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Like the use of low-brow materials, this emphasis on a work's concept and impact was interpreted as an attempt to debunk the gravitas of the art world.

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Pop art was instrumental in opening up the world of painting and sculpture to ordinary people who, perhaps for the first time in their lives, could instantly recognize and appreciate the exhibit in front of them.