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It's true that Arizona's law mirrors federal legislation and, now, it appears to reflect California's own official policy on immigration enforcement. But that's besides the point. What backers of the Arizona law might not realize is that opposition is more concerned with the sentiment of the legislation, not its actual effect: If federal law already covers this turf, why bother? Police were free to do exactly what the desert state's SB 1070 outlines.

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Opponents of the law, many Latino, feel that this unnecessary move was made precisely to fan the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment, particularly within the Republican party's right wing. It's something they've seen time again: When the economy goes south, it's the illegal immigrant's fault (even as they too go south because work here has dried up). Forget the fact that we all benefit from his labor, from the food on our tables to the shine of the chrome on our cars to the cut of our lawns. Forget the fact that nearly one-third of all illegals aren't from Mexico. We need a villain right now, and he's brown.

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This sounds a lot like Arizona's law. In fact, in feels stronger than Arizona's law, which doesn't require cops to check illegal status, but rather encourages a "reasonable attempt" (as ): " ... A reasonable attempt shall be made [by law enforcement], when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person."

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A few factors explain the trend. The federal government beefed up enforcement near San Diego during a controversial, mid-1990s program called Operation Gatekeeper. The operation, along with the high cost of living in much of California, pushed illegal immigration to weaker points east along the border. In 2015, the Border Patrol apprehended almost six times as many immigrants at the Texas border as they did at the California border.

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