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especiallyBarry Powell), the In fact Odysseus' adventures were from early timesidentified with geographic features around Italy: Calypso's Ogygia with Malta,Polyphemus' island with Sicily, Scylla and Charybdis with the Straits ofMessina, etc.Homer ("Homer") must have heard many sailors'tales or perhaps even traveled west himself.

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A searchable full-text version of the Iliad, in case you need to look up quotes.

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Many readers think of “The Iliad” as a daunting text. But Caroline Alexander, whose new translation of the classic work by Homer comes out Nov. 24, said she wants to bring the epic down to earth.

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“I feel that the Iliad has been so appropriated by academia, that it has been made into this very different text that’s a sort of embodiment of high culture — the Everest of literature,” she told the NewsHour’s chief arts and culture correspondent Jeffrey Brown.

Professor, Homer translator, and performance artist Stanley Lombardo reads all of Book 1 of the  in Ancient Greek.

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The Iliad and Odyssey were composed in a culture inwhich art played a central role. The poems themselves refer toartistic productions, most famously the elaborately decorated shieldwhich Hephaistos makes for Achilles in Iliad 18. In addition,many of the heroes and episodes described in the Homeric poems becamepopular subjects for sculpture and painting. Here is a chart listingthe major periods of Greek art, along with examples from two of theperiods and descriptions of some of the major features as they relateto the Homeric poems. More examples will be added as they becomeavailable.

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This is the time contemporary to the "historical" events describedin the Iliad and Odyssey.
2. Proto-Geometric and Geometric periods (1050-750)

Throughout The Iliad by Homer, one of the most important aspects of society is warfare

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A very beautiful sung version of the Prooimion of the Iliad, but very brief. (You can download the entire song for a nominal fee.) This is an extremely helpful link for demonstrating the oral-formulaic tradition of this poem.

The Iliad, traditionally ascribed to Homer, is conventionally divided into 24 books.

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The Iliad is the sixth epic of the ; it is attributed to the legendary bard . The story, an episode from the , was well-known to any Greek or Roman, and had a status almost comparable to a sacred book. Reportedly, slept with a copy of the Iliad under his pillow (), and if we find it hard to believe that story, it remains a testimony to the importance of the text that the ancients found it credible. Poets like and Virgil wrote imitations. tells that when Scipio Aemilianus destroyed , he quoted a line from the Iliad ("the day shall come in which our sacred Troy shall perish", 6.448-449; , ). The Iliad was represented on works of art, found in , Egypt, or . The poem was everywhere.

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This article by German archaeologist Manfred Korfmann summarizes the current state of archaeological evidence about the city of Troy, drawing connections to Homer's poem.