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At the end of the 1990s, by then outdated Hotline software started to gradually fade, as other systems became increasingly popular. Many early Hotline users felt sympathy for Hinkley and viewed Hotline Communications with a bad eye and the Hotline Connect suite did not sell well. In September 2001, Hotline Communications announced development of version 2.0 of the Hotline suite had been stopped, beta versions of which had not been well received by the community, and laid off most of its employees. In mid-October of the same year, the company announced the re-hire of their engineering team "in anticipation of the release of Hotline 2.0" on their website ( - offline as of May 2006). However, no stable build of Hotline 2.0 was ever released.

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So what’s next for digital communications in government? First and foremost is tools. Digital cross-channel tools are increasingly important to government communicators because with them they can effectively leverage their voice in today’s crowded communications marketplace. Not surprisingly, the most widely used tools are 1) websites, followed closely by 2) press releases, a conventional, but still necessary way of making announcements for many agencies. Rounding out the top five are 3) social networks, 4) web analytics and 5) email marketing coming in last.

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Central Communications started in the 1950s primarily as a medical and dental answering service provider whose operations were run out of a family home. Today, Central Communications is a thriving full-service call center that offers services nationwide for a variety of industries. Central Communications prides itself on its high quality 24/7 service and its staff ensures every call is handled with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.

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Jörn and Mirko Hartmann released similar software deliberately kept Mac-only called Carracho in 1998 , still used today by a small, tight-knit group of users. There have also been several third party applications that implement the Hotline protocol including applications such as Pitbull Pro

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The Hotline applications were distributed as and combined , and file transfer capabilities and operated using a client/server (not peer-to-peer) model. Hotline predates the and file sharing products. The Hotline protocol was a binary protocol which accounted for its high speed efficient transfers in the days when most internet users still used and . The protocol was reverse engineered by the internet community, leading to a wide variety of third party clients being written in .

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However, a few months after Hinkley moved to Canada, he and his colleagues at Hotline Communications got into a major disagreement and Hinkley left the firm, encrypting source files for Hotline on Hotline Communication's computers, thus crippling the company. Lawsuits against Hinkley were filed by both Hotline Communications and Redrock, and Hinkley lost copyright of his "AppWarrior" library as well as rights over the "Hotline" software. The legal battle and Hinkley's case drew some media attention, especially on the Internet.

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The last section of this survey demonstrates that there is clearly some room for improvement. While websites, press releases and email have all been mainstays of digital communication since the late 1990’s, new communications tools leverage those channels in a much more effective way. Effective use of websites today means personalized content throughout consumer interaction with digital government, including e-forms and highly targeted email outreach. Only 19% currently use website personalization, despite the fact that 53% rate personalization and targeting as important or very important.”