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Anonymous is 100% correct. These cards are vintage baseball cards. Exceptionally rare, and in exceptionally excellent condition. I got my hands on a Minor Brown card from this set. It’s pretty well weather-beaten, but still worth a bit.

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In today's collecting terms, the baseball cards from 1980s and newer are fairly inexpensive to buy

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Football cards celebrated their centennial anniversary in 1988 and today, led by Starr Cards, the hobby’s future has never been brighter. We offer here a pictorial history of football cards organized in a timeline spanning the decades.

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the reason why Panini and others can still produce baseball cards, is because they can sign individual players, and the MLB cannot say anything about it. Players are protected by the MLBPA (MLB Players Union.) The league only owns the rights to utilize and sell league logos and uniforms.

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35 Classic Baseball Cards and What They're Worth Today

In 1985, Optigraphics started producing a unique style of lenticular motion cards under the name Sportflics. It released traditional baseball cards under the Score brand starting in 1988 and followed a year later with its first football cards. Score invigorating the industry with better paper quality, action photographs, and improved writing on the backs.

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The success of Upper Deck’s baseball cards in 1989 led the company to produce sets in other major sports including hockey (1990), basketball and football (1991). They were the first trading card company in ten years to be licensed by all four leagues.

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During the period of Topps' domination, a few companies unsuccessfully tried to make inroads into the business. The 1963 Fleer cards (sold with a cherry cookie) and 1960 Leaf (sold with a marble) were short-lived endeavors . Some more obscure and regional issues were made. These are often called 'Odd Balls,' in part because they were unusual in design or distribution. Odd balls include 1976 Crane's Potato Chip Discs, 1950's Armour Hot Dog Coins and the 1950's Kahns Meat's card. Some collectors specialize in these unusual cards.

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Some large cabinet cards were offered as premiums. For example, a little Old Judge baseball card and some coupons were inserted in packs of Old Judge cigarettes. When you collected enough coupons, you could send them in for a large card.

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This fine era ended in 1941 when paper became scarse because of the American involvement in World War II. From 1941 until 1947 few baseball cards were made and and those were usually of lesser quality.