YES but religion is the main reason for conflict

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Kosovo holds value for both Albanians and Serbs historically and culturally. The Albanians base their claim to Kosovo on their status as descendants of the ancient Illyrians – a people who are believed to have occupied the Balkans some time before the ancient Greeks and 1,000 years before the Slavs. The Albanian language, Shqip, derives from the Illyrian tribes and is unlike any other known language. The Serbs, however, disagree and consider Kosovo their ancestral homeland.

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Bosnia is one of several small countries that emerged from the break-upof Yugoslavia, a multicultural country created after World War I by thevictorious Western Allies. Yugoslavia was composed of ethnic and religiousgroups that had been historical rivals, even bitter enemies, includingthe Serbs (Orthodox Christians), Croats (Catholics) and ethnic Albanians(Muslims).

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The new independent Balkan states used those schools to propagate how the Macedonians do not exist, and how Macedonia was populated only by Greeks, Bulgarians, and Serbs.

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I think he’s raising a very important point, which is that we now need a new identity in Europe. Until now, many people in Europe, both politicians, media, even the Pope, have been pushing for Europe to be identified as a Christian continent. And, in fact, it is has been a Christian continent – but the situation has changed now. There are different faiths, different cultures now. So, we need to re-evaluate what is a European. Is a European only a white, Christian person? Or is a European a person who adheres to European values like human rights, democracy and the rule of law? I think it’s important that we enlarge the definition of European identity, so that it is inclusive, and it respects and accepts other cultures and religions. And that is what I would call an inclusive, pan-European identity.

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Bashi is write. We must acept multy religions and cultures, but EU do deferentiate emigration ( new people) from europe in our country from emigration from outside europe. A russian, a bulgare are alike us. They are more easily integrated than muslim emigrant. Isn’t it ?

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I have an elementary question for you : if you put a PIRANHA in an aquarium with an already diverse group of other fish what do you obtain : an increased diversity or slaughter of the peaceful harmless aquarium fish ? Than why do you traitors want to insert a religion of terror in Europe ?

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Americans had have a long discussion about the “melting pot” and the “salad bowl”. Of course there are less tensions if it is a melting pot. Willing it, it is another question. Religion, is the most dividing factor.

There is not universal agreement on the region’s components

In a globalised world it is a bit unrealistic to discuss monoethnic countries unless you are North Korea. So we better start working on the issues and challenges that globalisation and the inevitable multiculturalism that it brings, instead of trying to reverse the trend. I would like to see how anyone would achieve such thing anyway, after decades of failed immigration policies