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Adapting such a historic building into a modern working environment with a startup feel brings out the spatial characteristics and historic details of the building, and its lounge. This has been completed with the help of modern design solutions inspired by the untouched forests and yellow rapeseed fields of Estonia. The inclusion of innovative Estonian design in the creation of a functional space provides a brief bird’s-eye view of the history of Estonian furniture, from traditional Saaremaa spa chairs and innovative bent plywood seating made by the Luther factory, to contemporary furniture, lighting, and design elements.

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Attention is given to the biblical bases for, and historic practice of, catechesis, with the aim of encouraging contemporary applications of this ministry.

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An anthropological study of the position of women in the contemporary Muslim world, with examples drawn primarily from the Middle East but also from Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. Students examine ethnographic, historical and literary works, including those written by Muslim women. Topics having a major impact on the construction of gender include Islamic belief and ritual, modest dress (veiling), notions of marriage and the family, modernization, nationalism and the nation-state, politics and protest, legal reform, formal education, work, and Westernization. The course includes a visit to a St. Louis mosque, discussions with Muslim women, and films.

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Seminar—3 hours; seminar paper—1 hour. Prerequisite: graduate standing or consent of instructor. Advanced study of the varying approaches, methods, issues and topical concerns of sociological social psychology. Analysis of central and representative historical and contemporary works. Offered irregularly.

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Seminar—3 hours; seminar paper. Prerequisite: graduate standing or consent of instructor. The major theoretical traditions and concerns in family sociology and sociology of gender. Analysis of selected classical and contemporary works representative of functionalist, Marxist, psychoanalytic, feminist and critical theoretical approaches to these subjects (e.g., Engels, Parsons, Freud, Horkheimer, Goode, Lasch, Mitchell). Emphasis on macro and historical questions. Offered irregularly.

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Lecture—3 hours; discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: course 1, 2, or 3 recommended. Analysis of biological, psychological, cultural and structural conditions underlying the status and roles of men and women in contemporary society, drawing on a historical and comparative perspective. GE credit: SocSci, Div|ACGH, DD, SS.

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Lecture—3 hours; term paper or discussion—1 hour. Prerequisite: course 1, 2, or 3 recommended. Historical and contemporary overview of employment, work, and occupations in American society. Study of authority and power relations, labor markets, control systems, stratification, and corporate structures, and how these factors shape work in diverse or organizational and employment setting. GE credit: SocSci|SS.

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This course introduces the cultural diversity and unity of the peoples of the Middle East. The emphasis is on historical and ethnological relationships, social and political structure, religious pluralism and contemporary youth issues. We explore the lived experiences of the peoples in the modern nation-states of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Iran. We access this material through short stories, poetry, biographies, essays, videos, blogs and political and anthropological reports.