An overview of the main currents in South African literature.

Notice that the body of literature published in Africa for Africans is not the same as the body of African literature that is available in the United States.

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As soon as I heard about Chinua Achebe's rejection of the label "", I did two Google searches. One, was for "father of modern European literature" for, surely, if modern African literature has a father, European literature could not possibly be a bastard. The second, was for "father of primitive African literature", since such a competent fatherless father (which in this case would be Achebe) would be something worth documenting. I hate to disappoint eager readers, but both searches drew a blank.

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I loved reading this blog post. I agree the Great Migration was a great time in history for African Americans. They finally got a chance to live a life they wanted and deserved. I took the class History of Jazz and the impact of music for life during the Migration and Renaissance was enormous. I like your mention of the idea of the “new negro” because it embodies the idea that anyone can change their life, circumstance, etc when given an opportunity. The music of this time clearly reflects the idea of freedom. Stride style playing was important to improvisation which is very prominent in jazz music. Here is a video of Art Tatum playing in stride

Although it is at a different tempo than your example, it exemplifies the diversity of playing during this time. Stride pianists often had “cutting” contests to determine the best improvisers. This was a great choice for a topic, very interesting and well written.

"Eurolanguage texts are still the most prominent 'African literature' texts in the U.S.

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literature departments today, to the books that are coming in from South Africa, from East Africa, from intellectual currents as diverse as Toni Morrison to Derek Walcott to Michel Foucault," she continues.

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What really makes this literature so extraordinarily vibrant is that it is extremely rooted in ethnic traditions, in cosmologies and legends, and often it's also taking on international traditions.

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Furthermore, they basically disavow these influences by stating that the European artists saw in African statues and masks a kind of raw data that the artists then into high art.

A short story, ‘The Cartographer’s Angel’ won the Heinemann//Guardian Africa Short Story in 1993.

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"With European modernist plastic arts, for instance, scholars very carefully relegate African cultural influences on Picasso and Matisse to the margins of their discussions.

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"I want to demonstrate the ways in which African writers and artists are inventive and appropriate various modern forms and modes rather than simply playing catch-up--which tends to be the dominant view." Julien explains that in part, one's view of African dynamism and inventiveness depends on the particular perspectives and assumptions of the reader's or viewer's location.


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Poems, prose, photographs, and paintings explore the African-American experience as seen through art and literature by blacks or about black subjects.