civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., visited South Africa.

So it was basically through this determinism - found both in social science and religion - that apartheid was justified."The system decreed that black Africans should be unable to move freely into urban areas.

But apartheid was more than just a brutal power game.

South African political expert Stanley Uys believes it was at this moment that apartheid was born.

"Their churches found theological justification for apartheid.

The TAZARA (Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority), or Freedom Railway, from Dar es Salaam on the Tanzanian coast to the Copperbelt region of Zambia, was instrumental in fostering one of the most sweeping development transitions in postcolonial Africa. Built during the height of the Cold War, the railway was intended to redirect the mineral wealth of the interior away from routes through South Africa and Rhodesia. Rebuffed by Western aid agencies, newly independent Tanzania and Zambia accepted help from China to construct what would become one of Africa's most vital transportation corridors. The book follows the railroad from design and construction to its daily use as a vital means for moving villagers and goods. It tells a story of how transnational interests contributed to environmental change, population movements, and the rise of local and regional enterprise.

The incident provoked outrage in South Africa and beyond.

Racial segregation began under Duth rule
1806- Cape Articles of Copitulation -the British rulers were required to respect previous legislation
Slavery Abolition Act of 1833-indentured servants- limit the freedom of unskilled workers
Acts on Acts on Acts : Franchise and Ballot, General Pass Regulations Act, South Africa Act, Asiatic Registration Act,
Institution of the Apartheid
Election of 1948
Daniel Francios Malan
National Party

Grand Apartheid
separation on a large scale
Population Registration Act-identity cards-separated families
Prohibition of Mixed Marriage , Immortality Act
Reservation of separate Amenaties Act
Bantu Education Act
Sports were also segregated
Disenfranchisement of colored voters
Homeland System - citizenship revoked
Forced Removals
Petty Apartheid
non white representation was abolished in 1970
bantustans- tribal based governing homeolands (10 of them)
Women and Children
suffered both racial and gender
few or no legal rights
agriculture or domestic
children suffered from diseases-mortality rates high
men worked in urban, women worked in rural-marrige law controlled by government, tried to restrict black and coloured birth rates
Asians during Apartheid
Japan, Taiwan, South Korea-honorary whites
Indian South Africans-coloured or "Other Asian"
Indonesian and FIlipinos -colored
Asiatic Land Tenure Bill

1949- Youth Wing of the ANC took control
New leaders propsed overthrow threw massive campaign

Tactics- strikes boycotts and civil disobedience with occacionlal violence
PAC -a branch of the African National Congress
organized alot of demonstrations
Black Conscious Movement created by Students in Soweto in 1976
Labor Unions- 1974 and 1974-1979 black trade unions were legalized and could be part of collective bargaining
Police Action
police brutality
Sharpeville massacre-69 people killed
State of emergency
18000 were arrested including leaders
Military Wing Umkhonto we Swize-sabatoge
Steve Biko-alter feelings of inadequacy
International relations

Withdrall from the commonwealth
United Nations
Tention with India, African and Asian states
Pope JP 2
Culture and Sports
Table Tennis Federation
Olympics of 1964
New Zealand 1981 rugby tour

Western Influence just fed up
economic sanctions to release Mandela
International opinion-they were completely against apartheid
NO allies-even went so far as to develop nuclear weapons
Regime just couldn't handle it- by 1980s Botha changed the laws.

Segregation laws had been firmly in place throughout most of South Africa since the 19th century.

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speaking as a south african, this article is full of stereotypes. yes there were power outages in 2007 but I can’t remember the last time the power was out. yes there are rapists but it isn’t as bad as you say it is. I could point out many more mistakes and stereotypes if I had the time. and Susan Schmidt, you are blatantly racist.

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You can stop any local in africa and I bet you they will tell you about many incidences where they were affected by crime…Africa is not safe, I live in fear behind locked bars, for they even get by any security system. Even some security guards are part of the robbery. My children cannot have the liberty of playing carefreeoutside at all, as I once had!! Kids riding their bicycles in street as all childen should, get mugged, beaten & their bicycles stolen, some even get stabbed for it. Now that is a real crime & that is africa run by a black government.