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Though those owning more than this were actually criminals,Tiberius' proposal would compensate them with no rent on the public landsthey would now own in perpetuity (forever) up to this legal limit, and sonscould retain another 165 acres each; the rest would be distributed to thepoor by a commission of himself, his brother, and his father-in-law.

After the deaths of the Gracchus brothers, ..

although most remembered perhaps through the times of the Gracchi brothers, ..

Who were the Gracchus brothers? - Vatican Questions …

Meanwhile, to the traditional Roman economic activities of agriculture and pastoralism, which had declined due to war destruction (with the consequent abandonment of the fields and rural deterioration), there were added military and commercial interests.

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This was to cost the lives of the brothers Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus (133-121 BC), tribunes of the plebs, who came up against the conservatism of the oligarchical senate.

His brother Gaius was elected tribune of the people in 123 BCE, and attempted the continuation of popular reforms.
During the Republic, these two brothers, were, one after the other, plebeian tribunes (not senators).

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