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Crucially, much of his successes are relative to May’s very poor position and are also the result of traditionally Labour issues, such as housing and the NHS, rising up the agenda.

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Beware gloomy predictions — the automated future is …

During a debate in the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg, a senior eurosceptic Tory MP, said: "Will my hon friend the minister confirm that he heard from Charles Grant...

The children of 1966 got it wrong and so have today’s naysayers

He said that the allegations are "quite extraordinary" and that the Government will proceed with "great caution" on the claims because it wants to "uphold and support the impartiality of the civil service".

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Cisco reports third-quarter FY2017 earnings ..

The mood of the nation is bleak. Ongoing Brexit uncertainty, rising levels of concern about housing and the NHS, and a lack of confidence in Theresa May mean that the nation is feeling anxious and pessimistic about 2018.

Lucy Morrell, Research Lead

Why things may be not be as bad as we think - BBC News

reasury officials have developed bleak economic forecasts about Brexit in a bid to try to keep Britain in the Customs Union, ministers have been told.

What's Really Behind Europe's Decline