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An article on Wednesday about the copyright infringement trial involving the song “Blurred Lines” referred imprecisely to the damages awarded to the family of Marvin Gaye. The family had the option of choosing $7.3 million in actual damages or $9,000 in statutory damages; they could not collect both.

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The reproduction right is perhaps the most important right granted by the Copyright Act. Under this right, no one other than the copyright owner may make any reproductions or copies of the work. Examples of unauthorized acts which are prohibited under this right include photocopying a book, copying a computer software program, using a cartoon character on a t-shirt, and incorporating a portion of another's song into a new song.


Nona and Frankie Gaye, two of Marvin Gaye’s children, are to receive $4 million in damages plus about $3.3 million of the profits earned by Mr. Thicke and Mr. Williams. The decision is believed to be one of the largest damages awards in a music copyright case. In one of the few comparable cases, in 1994, Michael Bolton and Sony were ordered to pay $5.4 million for infringing on a 1960s song by the soul group the Isley Brothers.

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The Supreme Court ruled that the right to privacy is a fundamental right.

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This occurs when, for example, changes are made solely to avoid the literal language of the claim, and the changes reflect little or no advantage.In short, in order to find infringement under the doctrine of equivalents, an element-by-element comparison and not a "claim as a whole analysis", must be made between the claimed invention and the accused device.

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