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Space is a harsh, inhospitable frontier and we are explorers, not colonisers. The skills of our engineers and the technology surrounding us make things appear simple when they are not, and perhaps we forget this sometimes.

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How scary it was — and how fortunate that you had so many great colleagues up there in Chris, Karen, Fyodor, Sasha, and Pavel ready to leap in and respond. This is why countries send their very best to space, because you never know what you’ll have to confront up there. They, you, and everyone on the ground working to support the ISS really are the cream of the crop.

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When I read 0.5 psi, it’s time to turn the handle and pull up the hatch. It is pitch black outside, not the colour black but rather a complete absence of light. I drink in the sight as I lean out to attach our safety cables. I feel completely at ease as I twist my body to let Chris go by. In a matter of seconds, we finish checking each other and we separate. Even though we are both heading to more or less the same part of the International Space Station, our routes are completely different, set out by the choreography we have studied meticulously. My route is direct, towards the back of the Station, while Chris has to go towards the front first in order to wind his cable around Z1, the central truss structure above Node 1. At that moment, none of us in orbit or on Earth could have imagined just how much this decision would influence the events of the day.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us….!
Thank God….you are safe…..!!!
Your calmness really contributed a lot. You are a great teacher Luca….. a great inspiration for us…definitely….but as it said….’with great power comes great responsibility’…..so the responsibility of being there on frontiers…….the frontiers of knowledge….the frontiers of space…..and the responsibility of being safe….!!!
Please be aware and safe all the times while exploring on this frontier…..and come back soon…:) safely 😉
Our best wishes are always with you…..:)
(have you finally recognized the root cause of the water leakage?)

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FYI, the New Jersey based Italian Tribune newspaper had a full front page article about Luca Parmitano, with photo of him in EVA suit sporting the tri-color flag (published before EVA). I gave the paper to a friend, Italian American, she passed it on to her family, they were very excited.

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As a strategic technology and business partner, Frontier Force helps clients plan, build and support their IT infrastructure. We collaborate with clients to analyze the fundamentals of their strategic business objectives, and to define a high impact IT roadmap that is congruent with these objectives. The consultative processes we adopt allow us to scope specific needs, and design and develop customised solutions for implementation. Our end-to-end IT infrastructure support services include computing hardware setups, operating environments, security, networking, internet and server access, as well as email access.

Frontier Force also supports our clients through cost-effective outsourcing services so that they can focus on their core competencies. Our flexible service packages and short / long term contract staffing provide reliable support for day-to-day desktop-related problems, hardware and software configuration issues, and other client- specified projects.