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The word ecotourism is something that has only recently become a mainstay in the English language. Tours to rainforest, gamer reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries are growing in every region of the world. They go in tent camps, on safaris, to jungle lodges, and to rainforest resorts. Inspired by zoos and the throngs of animal themed television shows, people are taking to the jungles and savannas to see the earth’s most fascinating creatures in the wild before it is too late. At the going rate, some say the Amazon will disappear within the next few decades unless drastic measures are taken. Other forests and regions are in danger too. When these go places go, as do the habitats of all of our favorite and most unusual creatures. Although in some places tourism growth has threatened wildlife, in most cases it inspires many to conserve it.

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Centrally located just 60 km (40 miles) from the borders of the United States and the province of Alberta, Fernie Alpine Resort provides all the necessary ingredients for a truly memorable ski vacation. Blanketed by an average annual snowfall of 37 ft. of some of the best powder North America has to offer, visitors take to the mountain to enjoy all of its 2,500 skiable acres. A brilliant combination of mild temperatures and vertical adventure, Fernie Alpine Resort lends itself to creating the most exhilarating experiences around.

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Serviced by ten lifts, including two high-speed quads, upwards of 14,500 skiers and riders are hauled up the hill each hour to encounter the majesty that this resort provides. Featuring varying degrees of terrain, suitable for both the novice and advanced skier, Fernie proudly boasts 142 marked runs and five massive bowls in which to maneuver down. Die-hard enthusiasts are certain to be left breathless with the awesome alpine action available down the narrow spines and challenging chutes that are so prominent here. Upping the ante, the progressive rail park is a veritable playground with its phenomenal mixture of rails and boxes, allowing stunts to be mastered at their own pace and without limitations. For a less daring yet equally invigorating experience, Fernie Alpine Resort offers 10km (6.2 miles) of impeccably groomed cross-country trails to be discovered.

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Advanced ecotourists go to extremes to see rare wildlife. While many animals can be seen within a few steps from the entrance of a national park, many are isolated in desolate mountain ranges long hikes away from any roads, houses, or civilization of any sort. This means the biggest enthusiasts are willing to go to far off, out of the way locations, and spend a great deal of time searching and waiting. Sometimes for weeks or months in basic conditions, although sometimes they get lucky and see what they want during a weeklong stay at a jungle lodge. These guys have all the best equipment, from cameras and binoculars to the best-designed adventure clothing. They need a lot of luck, a lot of time, and often a lot of money.

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