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Another factor that contributed to the American Revolution would be tax collectors.

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Warned by Paul Revere that the British planned to send soldiers to Portsmouth and fearful of a siege similar to that presently occurring in Boston, the fiery militia leader assembled a force of 400 Minutemen and captured nearby Fort William and Mary to seize the military hardware his militia may need in the face of future military actions against the British. There were no casualties on either side of the engagement but the armed act of rebellion may set the stage for further Colonial military action in coming months.

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With conflicts over trade, taxes and government representation, the colonies were at a starting line of a revolution that would later transform into the basis of the United States of America....

This paper will address the problems that lead to the start to the American Revolution.

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Whenever critics of current American policies argue that we're forsaking our historic role as a nation dedicated to freedom and equality, they're invoking the principles of the American Revolution. Hey, at least as they understand them.

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Similarly, proponents of current government policy often refer to the American Revolution and the principles of the founders to support their tactics. And when critics of patriotic sentimentalism seek to debunk the assumptions or myths of the past, they'll often point to the paradox of slavery and freedom that underlay the Revolutionary period.

For our younger readers, guess what? Many young Americans were your age when they signed up with the Continental Army and Navy, even if it was just to work as deck hands or play the drums or the fife for eight bucks a month.

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The story of the Revolution lies at the heart of what makes our country unique in the history of nations. The revolutionary principles that led to the nation's founding continue to influence American society, as we still turn to the founding generation seeking guidance, inspiration, or even just a useful quotation to support one contemporary political claim or another.

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The Events that led up to the American Revolution

For some American white women, the Revolution offered a chance to eke out more liberties than they had possessed under the rule of English common law. For the masses of poor and middling yeoman farmers, artisans, mechanics, and merchants throughout the 13 colonies, the creation of an unprecedented republican government from scratch offered not only freedom of trade with all the countries in the world, but the chance to participate in a more egalitarian society than had ever existed before.

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Continental Congress delegate John Penn states that "recent events in the colony have wholly changed the disposition of the inhabitants who are friends of liberty; all regard for the King and the nation of Britain is gone. A total separation is what they want." Today a total separation is what they GOT, as the North Carolina Provincial government voted unanimously to declare the independence of the Colony from Britain and encouraged the other 12 American Colonies to follow their example.