The name Mali is taken from the name of the Mali Empire

Although Charles got Ferdinand crowned King of the Romans, making him Heir Apparent to the Empire, he may not have intended for Ferdinand to detach the German domains from the Spanish; but this is what happened, in part because Charles was unable pay much attention to Austria and its dependencies and also because the Germans wanted (the Spanish speaking) Ferdinand and not some foreigner(!).

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The empire of Mali originated in the 11th century, and its period of greatness began under Sundiata, who ruled from 1235 to 1255 and reached its peak in the early 14th century under Mansa Musa, who extended the empire until it reached from the Atlantic coast to east of Gao.


During its peak from 1200—1300, the Mali Empire was a large and prosperous kingdom encompassing many flourishing cities including Timbuktu and Djenne. The art and architecture of the Mali Empire shows the influence of Islam, agriculture, and military life to the people of the era. In this activity, students will learn about the Mali Empire and its art and architecture.

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