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Sidelight: Though impossible to prove, somephilologists (linguistic scientists) believe that all language originatedthrough the onomatopoeic formation of words.

The word often is the subject ofthe poem.

Through the years, three main kinds of poetry have developed: lyric, narrative, and dramatic.

You may copy the style of other poets.

The third creative way to express your emotions is: Poetry. Just as making music or creating art, this is a great way to get in touch with your emotions. Although you’re using words to describe how you feel, it has something magical to it. You’re not just logically describing how you’re feeling, you’re emotionally describing how you’re feeling. Your words express emotions. Poetry can be a great tool to get in touch with your emotions. Are you suffering from a broken heart? Why not write a poem and express how you feel? Are you angry? Why not write an outrageous poem? Writing poems is great because you can do it anytime and no matter where you are. Drop a comment and let me know how you prefer to .

The quality of richness or variety of in poetic ,as in Milton's

Also called or , therepetition of the initial sounds (usually consonants) of stressed syllables inneighboring words or at short intervals within a line or passage, usually atword beginnings, as in "wild and woolly" or the line from the poem, :

Be sure to look at the 'how to' sections, and then write some of your own poetry.

Easier - Poetry is a kind of writing, usually in verse

For lack of better things to do after a hard day on the range, cowboys of the Old West would sit around the camp fire at night and entertain one another with poems, tall tales known as "windies" or just plain good ol' stories!

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Sidelight: are important to poetic effects; to create sounds appropriate tothe , the poet may sometimes prefer toachieve a cacophonous effect instead of the more commonly sought-for . The use of words with the consonants and for example, produce harsher sounds than the soft and or the liquid and

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Harmony or beauty of sound that provides a pleasingeffect to the ear, usually sought-for in poetry for effect. It is achieved notonly by the selection of individual word-sounds, but also by their relationshipin the repetition, proximity, and flow of sound patterns.

In poetry, the harmonious use of language relative tothe variations of  and pitch.

One of my mentors once said: Music and emotion are almost the same.

It’s crucial that we express emotions in order to maintain mental and physical health. However, our western culture doesn’t really encourage us to For example, sadness is often attributed with weakness. We’ve all been taught that a man who cries is a weak man. The same is true for fear, love and anger. But by suppressing our emotions, we subconsciously create internal tension that can take on neurotic forms. Emotional expression is something that has to be learned. We have to peal away the layers of social conditioning that are keeping us from expressing emotions freely. In this article I’m going to share some simple tips on how to express feelings appropriately and reach emotional freedom through music, poetry and art.

Dramatic poetry also tells a story, but in this case one or more of the poem's characters acts out the story.

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Discordant sounds in the jarring juxtaposition ofharsh letters or syllables, sometimes inadvertent, but often deliberately usedin poetry for effect, as in the opening line of :

These definitions, by the way, come by way of the Glossary of Poetic Terms, which can befound on the Internet at

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During a one-year open call for submissions, 18,000 Americans wrote to the project volunteering to share their favorite poems — Americans of all ages, from every state, of diverse occupations, kinds of education and backgrounds.