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Electric Vehicles Save You Money, Reduce Emissions and Go the Distance!

Electric vehicles first appeared in the mid-19th century

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) is a non-profit association of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We promote electric vehicle education and encourage their safe construction and use. We are part of the and a chapter of the .

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OEVA member Gary Graunke gave an Electric Vehicle Update presentation at on July 28, 2013 (An compares the ownership cost of a Leaf vs a Versa).

An electric vehicle held the vehicular land speed record until around 1900

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Ever wanted to own an electric car, but didn’t think any of the current options were practical? Think again! Nissan is turning over a new leaf with it’s new 100%

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Most electric car charging will happen during off-peak times, so this is very unlikely to happen. The Nissan LEAF draws a modest 3.3 kilowatts – you can compare that to your 4.4 kilowatt clothes dryer.

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We are familiar with the better qualities of electric vehicles. They use alternative energy and leave less carbon footprints on the climate. But they are still not mass produced.

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This Tuesday we had a unique opportunity to preview the Vancouver International Auto Show. This year’s show features a wide variety of electric, hydrogen and hybrid-electric vehicles. We took full

Electric Cars use the energy stored in a battery (or series of batteries) for vehicle propulsion

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Welcome to California's buying guide and resource center for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). We'll help you compare your options and take the next steps into PEV ownership.

As 2017 drew to an end, we got news on China's electric vehicle subsidies for 2018

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While solar-power electric hybrid vehicles are a proven success story on the roads, the time is ripe for the appearance of solar-electric watercraft. Already a pontoon boat – Loon

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The average Californian drives less than 40 miles per day. Battery electric vehicles have a range of at least double that, and plug-in hybrids can travel at least 300 miles on a combination of electricity and gasoline.