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Their last act as the SI was to produce the book ‘The Veritable Split In The International,’ a history of the SI and a critique of it’s failings and successes.

The SI are known to most people through their supposed links to punk rock.

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The affair played a major role in fueling an anti-disco sentiment that had been building for several months by that point (especially among rock fans and people who hated the seemingly effeminate and/or the over-sexualized aspects that the disco lifestyle represented), and disco was virtually gone from the airwaves by the end of 1980.

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Flea takes four Modulus Signature Series basses on the road and relies predominately on the “punk-rock bass,” named for the many stickers that adorn its body. Tracy notes that Flea usually uses this bass for the entire show except for songs that require different tunings. All of Flea’s basses have BadAss II bridges, Aguilar OBP-1 preamps, and Lane Poor pickups (current Modulus Flea Basses have Basslines pickups). All are strung with GHS Boomers, .045–.105; the main bass gets fresh strings before every show, while Tracy changes the backups’ strings as needed, usually once a week.

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