Short-term effects of drinking include:

Hearing about the experiences of other people often helps to make sense of our own feelings and helps us to feel less isolated and alone. Although every family is unique, there are many similarities in how alcohol problems affect the family. To read other people’s experiences .

Teach kids a variety of approaches to deal with offers of alcohol:

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Sadly, alcoholism can be fatal. If you have lost a parent to alcohol addiction, in addition to this page, you may also find it helpful to read our .

Directly affected by an alcohol problem

It's important to keep communication open and expectations reasonable. Tying responsible actions to freedoms such as a later curfew or a driver's license can be a powerful motivator. Teach your kids that freedom only comes with responsibility — a lesson that should last a lifetime.

Fortunately, parents can do much to protect their kids from using and abusing alcohol:
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What is Parental Alienation and What Can You Do …

For teens, especially those old enough to drive, consider negotiating and signing a behavioral contract. This contract should spell out the way you expect your child to behave and state the consequences if your teen drives under the influence. Follow through and take the car keys away, if necessary.

Guide for Children of Addicted Parents

You are important too. Find time for things that interest you, whether it’s sport or hobbies, going for a walk, reading a book or watching TV, even just taking a bath or having some quiet time with a cup of tea. Sometimes worries can take over, and taking a break, even if just for a short while, can help you to de-stress, and bring some perspective back into your life.

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Kids without a sense of connectedness with their families or who feel different in some way (appearance, economic circumstances, etc.) also might be at risk. Those who find it hard to believe in themselves desperately need the love and support of parents or other family members. In fact, not wanting to harm the relationships between themselves and the adults who care about them is the most common reason that young people give for not using alcohol and other drugs.

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Casual discussions about alcohol and friends can take place at the dinner table as part of your normal conversation: "I've been reading about young kids using alcohol. Do you ever hear about kids using alcohol or other drugs in your school?"

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The later elementary school years are a crucial time in which you can influence your child's decisions about alcohol use. Kids at this age tend to love to learn facts, especially strange ones, and are eager to learn how things work and what sources of information are available to them.

What is Parental Alienation and What Can You Do About It?

At Nacoa, we understand what it can be like when a parent has, or has had, an alcohol problem. Our helpline is free, confidential and without time limits. Our volunteer helpline counsellors won’t judge and are here to help. Sometimes just talking or writing to someone anonymously about how you are feeling can help ease the burden. For more information about contacting the helpline .