Effects of Teenage Pregnancy: Mental Health

Your teen's health care provider can tell her what to expect during her pregnancy, how to take care of herself and her growing baby, and how to prepare for life as a parent.

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 The drop in teenage pregnancies has been accompanied by evidence of  and drug taking.
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Emotionally: Depression
- Deciding whether or not to keep the baby
- Sudden change of lifestyle
- Quitting school or getting home schooled
- Working multiple jobs
- Teenage hormones
- Postpartum depression
Emotionally: Helplessness
- Feeling guilty and shameful
- Not having others to relate to
- Sharing the news about the pregnancy; not knowing how and who to tell about the situation
- Different opinions about handling the pregnancy:
keeping the baby
- No control or power against parents
- Depression
- Helplessness
- Worries about the future

- Social life
- Limits time to go out with others
- Others may judge the individual
- Responsible
- Mature
- Stronger; physically and emotionally
Emotionally: Worries about the future
- If father of child will support the baby
- Financially supporting the baby; having multiples jobs or asking family for money
- Future career
- Not having enough knowledge to raise a child and be a mother
- Fear if having a baby will impact her own life and dreams in the future
Socially: Social life
- Bigger responsibilities
- Working a full time job to support the baby
- Constantly being tired; no energy for anything else
- No time for family or friends
- Communicating with others will be difficult
- Repetitive schedule
- Excluded from school life; prom, graduation etc.

Socially: Limits time to go out with others
- No free time
- Other things to worry about
- Limits individual to enjoy teenage years
- Missing out on new experiences; physically incapable or not having enough time
- Excluded from certain events
Socially: Others judging the invididual
- Disrespect
- Bad influence
- Losing loved ones; friends and family
- Loneliness
- Receiving dirty looks, getting talked about
- Violating social norms
Positively: Responsible
- Learn how to raise a family
- Financially supporting baby and herself
- No more partying, drinking etc.
- Time management skills
- Multitasking
Positively: Maturity
- Stop going out as much
- Obtain roles of an adult
- Good role model
- Independent
- Dealing with harsh situations; looking past other peoples opinion
Positively: Stronger
- Constantly carrying the baby
- Not getting enough sleep
- Maintaining a healthy diet
- Discipline the baby
- Prepared for the possibility of a miscarriage or disabilities
Emotional, social or positive effect?

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If at all possible, it's best for girls who are pregnant to finish school so they can get better jobs and create a better life for themselves and their babies. This is no easy task — 60% to 70% of all pregnant teens drop out of school. And going back after quitting is especially hard, so try to offer your daughter the support she needs to stay in school — both she and the baby will benefit. Check for school and community programs that offer special services for teen mothers, such as childcare, transportation, or tutoring.

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Even though most teen girls are biologically able to produce healthy babies, whether they do often depends on whether they receive adequate — especially in those critical early months of pregnancy.

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Early dating, as early as 12 yearsof age, is another factor that contributes to teen pregnancy.
3) Inadequate Knowledge about Safe Sex: Mostadolescents are unaware of safe sex.

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Clare Murphy, director of external affairs at the abortion provider British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) said access to contraception and sex education had “undoubtedly” played a part in the declining teenage pregnancy rate but she agreed with Prof Paton’s suggestion of a social media effect.