Harming human health is not the only thing pesticides do.

The non-genotoxic effects of two commonly used pesticides, 1,1-bis (p-chlorophenyl)-2,2,2-trichloroethane (DDT) and malathion, and one widely used commercial insect repellent N,N-diethy-m-toluamide (DEET) on gap junction intercellular communication (GJIC) were determined using a rat liver epithelial cell line. Malathion and DDT reversibly inhibited GJIC in a treatment time- and dose-dependent manner at non-cytotoxic doses, whereas, DEET did not inhibit GJIC. Malathion was very reactive with ozone, while DEET and DDT did not react to any appreciable extent with ozone. The mixtures of ozonation products from malathion and DEET did not inhibit GJIC. The mixtures of ozonation by-products formed from DDT inhibited GJIC, but to a lesser extent than did DDT, itself. These results suggest that ozone can effectively remove malathion from solution without forming GJIC-toxic products, but is less effective in eliminating DEET and DDT from solution.

The use of pesticides also harms the environment.

In Pakistan, pesticides are pre-dominantly used in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh.

Agricultural pesticides do not come off in water, either.

Unfortunately, pesticides attack your body on several fronts. Keep this list handy the next time you find yourself wondering if you should buy a carton of conventional strawberries rather than organic to potentially save a few pennies. Remember that all of the following conditions will cost you much more than money; the effects of pesticides will cost you your health.

Here are 7 nasty and crazy effects of pesticides.

When asked by a skeptical friend why we would need organic foods, do you find yourself tongue-tied? Was it obesity? Or thyroid problems? Why should you go organic? There are numerous reasons to skip the mainstream supermarket food and grow your own food or shop at an organic grocer, but just one of those reasons revolves around the effects of pesticides.

This is the case of pesticides that are used to kill insects and little animals that destroy farms.

Pesticides and Groundwater: A Guide for the Pesticide …

T1 - Effect of selected pesticides and their ozonation by-products on gap junctional intercellular communication using rat liver epithelial cell lines

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Liess believes the authorities can use the calculation results to take suitable steps to reduce pesticide pollution of rivers. "But our tool can do more than just identify problem areas," the Helmholtz scientist stresses. It also indicates where unpolluted stretches of river are compensating for the effect of the pollution. This is extremely important because it can show when conservation methods have been successful. Another advantage of the new tool is that in many cases, complex, expensive chemical analyses will no longer be necessary.
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Predicted impact of climate change: pesticides in groundwater

The development of the use of fertilisers and pesticides has dramatically increased the efficiency of food production and has in fact more than quadrupled food production in the last century[1].

ACh can elicit an inhibitory effect of lowering the heart rate but primarily behaves in an excitatory manner, contracting skeletal muscle.

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Among the most promising alternatives to organophosphates were synthetic . However, pyrethroids can cause hyper-excitation, aggressiveness, uncoordination, whole-body tremors, and seizures. Acute exposure in humans, usually resulting from skin exposure due to poor handling procedures, usually resolve within 24 hours. Pyrethroids can cause an allergic skin response, and some pyrethroids may cause cancer, reproductive or developmental effects, or endocrine system effects.

Note: Information for many chemicals is incomplete and may not be fully representative of effects on humans.

Pesticides and herbicides are pervasive chemicals in the environment

Just as DDT generates environmental problems, so does the most chemical pesticides same effect. Because they contaminate not only the vegetables but also the animals that feed on them and indirectly reaches up to the human beings.

Also, due to the lipophilic nature of these pesticides, milk and other fat-rich substances are the key items for their accumulation (John et al.

PI-156/PI193: Water pH and the Effectiveness of Pesticides

Helpful to anyone needing practical how-to information regarding pesticide-free gardening, soil health, lawn care, and how to deal with pests and plant diseases in a non-toxic manner. Well suited to newbies who just want to try it without having to go hippie.