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After my father died, I just felt like my life was over. In a matter of weeks, everything crashed. Family, finance, friends, love, EVERYTHING. I cried every day, constantly, even at work. I yelled at my kids. I became very defensive. I imagined the worst that could happen in any given situation. I could no longer handle confrontations of any kind, having anxiety attacks when I even thought someone was TRYING to attack me. (9 times out of 10 they weren't) I let this go untreated for 6 months! Finally I found my way to a counselor who suggested to my PCP that I go on Lexapro 10mg. She made the decision immediately. I was a bit sceptical about it and even put off taking in for a couple of days after I had it in my hands. The side affects I had were drowsiness and thirst for the first 2 or 3 weeks. It took about 4 weeks for me to notice the difference, and they increased the dose to 20mg. Since then, the only side effects I have is when I miss a dose. (I get jerking sensations, light headed, and shaky) My crying spells have stopped completely. That is kind of hard to handle sometimes because I feel like I'm incapable of expressing my emotions. But at the same time, it's nice to make it through every day life without the embarrasing sobbing. As far as my anxiety attacks.. My life is still pretty messed up. It's going to take some repair. But I'm much more able to step back and think things through in a positive light. I don't panic anymore, every thing is thought through. My patience with my children has sky-rocketed, I can actually laugh at their little messes and blunders. I let rude comments roll right by. I can choose better what is worth concentrating on and what is unimportant. A couple of my friends have made the comment that it seems like I don't care, but it's not that I don't care, I just choose to work things out in a different matter than I have before. This medicine has really helped me to learn how to choose my battles and draw up a smart strategy of attacking problems instead of retreating and then feeling helpless.

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The incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (with the classic facial features) is about 1%.
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Alcohol and Health: Alcohol Effects on the Liver

At the severe end, damage may be severe loss of intellectual potential, severe vision problems, dyslexia, serious maxilo-facial deformities, dental abnormalities, heart defects, immune system malfunctioning, behavioral problems, attention deficit disorders, hyper-activity, extreme impulsiveness, poor judgment, little or no retained memory, deafness, little or no capacity for moral judgment or interpersonal empathy, sociopathic behaviour, epilepsy, tremors, cerebral palsy, renal failure, heart failure, death.

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I've been taking lexapro for 3 months now, after losing my father to cancer. At first it kind of made me drousy, but after a week or two I didn't notice any bad side effects. I can get through my days now without crying over every little thing. It doesn't make the loss any less, but it definitely helps me get on with my life that I can see light at the end of the dark tunnel. It's amazing how it calmed me down.
The only negative side effect I feel, is I'm not sexually energized as I used to be. (for those people who were concerned about that.) That was a main concern for me, and I heard lexapro doesn't have many strong sexual side effects.
But hey, happiness is worth it.

An excess of heat in the heart manifests ("flowers") in sores on the tip of the tongue.
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Effect of Substance Abuse on Children - Alcohol Rehab

Physicians are charged
with maintaining the health of patients and as only about 20% of adult patients
do not drink beverage alcohol and alcohol is implicated in more than 60
different disease conditions, it is logical that it be part of the screening
process, whether or not it is a legal drug.

studied the effect of glutathione on blood alcohol, ..

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Stimulant and sedative effects of alcohol

However, this study indicates that even higher levels of Folic Acid can be very beneficial to the developing baby, particularly where alcohol exposure is a factor.