WASPsquadron officers had no boost in pay with the added duties.

What is wasp-like, shiny black, two inches long, and very slender? The answer is a pelecinid (pel-ah-SIN-id) wasp. You can recognize this insect by its large size and conspicuously long abdomen. This wasp belongs to the family Pelecinidae of which there is just one species present in North American, Pelecinus polyturator. Virtually every pelecinid wasp you see is a female. Males, about half the size of females, are rare and usually not seen.

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Volunteers play a vital role in the success of the National WASP WWII Museum.

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Docents are on a swing schedule to offer the public and schools scheduled guided tours.

School and organization presentations about the WASP are available. The Volunteers inthis program will undergo the same training and education as our Docents..

Volunteers in this program will have an opportunity to learn how to preserve and protect the artifacts as they come into the Museum.

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Adult wasps emerge from mid to late summer. This wasp is a parasite of the white grubs of June beetles. It uses its long abdomen to probe into the soil until it reaches larvae to lay its eggs. However, finding a pelecinind wasp in your yard does not necessarily mean you have grubs in your own yard. It is most likely just incidental as they can fly in from nearby areas.

Fun names, however, should not take away from the serious business of wasp identification, Fernandez-Triana said.

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Only about 330 of this particular type of parasitic wasp have been identified over the last 250 years, he said. The latest finds represent only a small step forward percentage-wise, but being the first with a tropical lineage could help expand knowledge, including how wasps select hosts.

Monetarycontributions allow for the Museum to expand its efforts in educating the public on the storyand legacy of the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

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We invite you to discover which volunteer opportunity fits you best.

Volunteers in this program are needed at each event from handing out information, parking attendant, setup and tear down, etc.

Volunteers in this program are required to go through a training process to be certified to talk about the WASP.

Wasp: Wasp, insect in the order Hymenoptera, suborder Apocrita, some of which are stinging.

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The wasp is one of 10 tiny parasitic wasps, and four new Florida species, that Jose Fernandez-Triana discovered at the Canadian National Collection of Insects, where he has spent more than a decade as a research scientist combing through drawers of unidentified specimens. Last year, he gave us named to draw attention to the fragile island habitat where it was collected.

WASP® — the Walk Away Specimen Processor — is the only automated instrument that addresses most aspects of microbiology specimen ..

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The Structural Pest Control Board is currently in the process of updating its examinations for all licensing types and branches. In order to keep our exams current and to ensure that they reflect what is actually happening in the industry, we need active licensees to in the development process. Over the next several months, multiple two day workshops for all license types and branches will be held in Sacramento. Licensees who attend these workshops will earn a $300 payment for their participation, 8 continuing education hours (6 Technical and 2 Rules and Regulations), and have their travel expenses furnished by the Board. Licensees who have attended in the past have described the experience as both rewarding and enjoyable. If you are interested in contributing in a meaningful way to the development of the Board's licensing examinations please visit the Board's for more information! Thank you very much!