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If you would happen to be disconnected from 911 during your call from a cellular phone and you lose service and cannot return the call, , please try to locate the nearest land line phone and dial 911.

Emergency Communications District - 911, Wilson County 911

This information is critical in providing immediate emergency services to citizens in need.

911 Emergency Communications - St. Louis County

Communications Center personnel also dispatch Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services for the cities of Hamlin and West Hamlin, West Virginia and Rural areas of Lincoln County.

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The provider may list the fee as a separate entry on each bill, in which case the fee must be identified as a fee for E911 services. A provider shall remit the fee to the board only if the fee is paid by the subscriber. If a provider receives a partial payment for a monthly bill from a subscriber, the amount received shall first be applied to the payment due the provider for providing voice communications service.

See Peter Svensson, Iowa 911 Call Center Becomes First to Accept Texts, ABC News, Aug. 5, 2009,  .

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The FCC is considering changes to its location accuracy requirements and the possible extension of Automatic Location Identification (ALI) requirements to interconnected VoIP services. The FCC should expand this proceeding to explore how NG911 may affect location accuracy and ALI.

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The current 911 system will also need to be re-evaluated as broadband-based communications continue to proliferate. The 911 system mainly provides a voice-centric communications platform between the public and 911 operators. However, the deployment of different types of communications, devices, applications and services has meant consumers are changing their expectations about how they can access 911. Many consumers, for example, already have come to expect they may send non-voice communications, such as short text messages and multimedia messages, to PSAPs. But PSAPs typically cannot receive such communications. The national strategy for NG911 deployment should be designed to meet future consumer expectations.

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The FCC should quickly begin a proceeding exploring all issues for developing a multiple platform, redundant, next-generation alert system. Next-generation alerting should include delivery of emergency alerts throughout the nation via broadband. The inquiry should consider EAS and Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS) developments, as well as FEMA's development of IPAWS. It also should consider all potential multi-platform technologies, including the use of emergency alerts via video programming on the Internet. The inquiry should determine how best to ensure all Americans can receive timely and accurate alerts, warnings and critical information about emergencies and other emergencies regardless of the communications technologies used.

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Building on today's emergency alerting technology, FEMA has taken steps to develop an Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) that will lead to a next-generation public alert and warning system. The IPAWS vision is to build and maintain an effective, reliable, integrated, flexible and comprehensive system that allows Americans to receive alert and warning information through as many communication pathways as possible. But in a September 2009 report, GAO identified a number of challenges with IPAWS implementation, including some related to the inclusion of new technologies, stakeholder coordination and technical issues. States and localities need additional resources to upgrade their alerting operations to effectively access IPAWS. Further, the federal government should disseminate information about IPAWS development and deployment.

Greater Harris County 9-1-1 Emergency Network (GHC 9-1-1)

New broadband-based devices and applications may not offer the traditional voice and "call" capabilities that wireless or VoIP phones do today. So consumers may assume they can reach PSAPs via various IP-based communications modes. Non-voice methods of communicating with 911 would have the added benefit of promoting accessibility to 911 for non-English-speaking persons and persons with disabilities. Thus, the FCC should initiate an additional proceeding to address how NG911 can accommodate communications technologies, networks and architectures beyond traditional voice-centric devices. It should also explore how public expectations may evolve in terms of the communications platforms the public would rely upon to request emergency services.