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The most striking difference between presidential and parliamentary systems is in the election of the chief executive. In parliament systems, the chief executive is not chosen by the people but by the legislature. Typically the majority party in the parliament chooses the chief executive, known as the Prime Minister.

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What is the Difference Between a President and a King?

Prime Minister you said it was a sad moment to Barack Obama to have your last face-to-face with him. It went for a long time, can you give us a sense of what the atmosphere was like between you two and how the conversation went?

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Prime Minister, did the US President provide any reassurance that the US refugee resettlement deal will continue under President Trump? And you also spoke about migration issues with the Canadian Prime Minister. Were you seeking a refugee deal with Canada?

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15/02/2018 · Prime ministers are appointed by their party, a President is popularly elected. The Prime minister and president both have to rely on the legislative.

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