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“If North Korea develops an ICBM and deploys nuclear weapons, will the United States deploy military forces at the right time in case of a contingency?” said Yoon. “If North Korea’s nuclear missiles can hit the mainland, will the United States protect South Korea during an attack? There are suspicions and concerns about these questions.”

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Only 10% of those living in the 48 least developed countries receive high-speed internet connection

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Let the mathematician work out the fraction of a person would represent the Trinidadian corresponding proportionately to the twenty whom I saw representing eight million."

In 1962, at the dawn of the country's independence, luminaries such as James and Eric Williams sought to institutionalize our classics in fictional and non-fictional literature as a part of our national heritage and as a means of charting the national story through which, as Bhabha noted, our sense of nationness arises.

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The deliberativeness with which the Mauritanian authorities came together with international institutions to preserve its literary heritage emphasizes the importance the relevant authorities placed on the power of literacy, its literary heritage and their connection to its development.

No society can do without its writers, its thinkers and the imaginative re-presentation of our lives.

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Given the strength of the newspapers, particularly in the nineteenth century, one can assert that they played a powerful role in revealing the nation unto itself or, as Anderson might say, it allowed us to imagine ourselves as a national community.

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Benedict Anderson has suggested that national communities arise from the spread of the novel and print media, a process through which new modes of apprehending the world are revealed.

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When Philip sketched his tale about the callous manner in which the colored people were treated during the first half of the nineteenth century, he was literally trying to bring that segment of the population back into the story of our nation, which is why he sounded this cautionary note in his preface:

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A year ago, the Project and Development of Mauritanian Cultural Heritage conducted an important national conference to talk about the best ways to preserve Mauritanian's invaluable collection of books and manuscripts that went back to the eleventh century.

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In an age where the autonomy of the nation state is shrinking and "new applications of information technology, such as the internet and CNN, distort traditional distinctions between what is around the world and what is around the block" our imaginative works can go a long way to help us recapture our Trinbagonianness.

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Merle Hodge has argued: "Trinidad fiction traces the evolution of a people from an era of extreme social stratification, through periods on increasing self-confidence on the part of the underclass as it struggled for, and won, political power." Such an approach suggests that if it is studied carefully, our imaginative works possess an ability to assist Trinbagonians to understand themselves in historical time.