There were also many religious causes of the war.

Curiously, despite its enduring and tragic significance, few historians or political scientists have studied the war in depth: the reasons for the Soviet invasion, the conduct of the war, the relationship of the failed war to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union, and the role of the war in creating the world in which we now live. The primary piece of documentary evidence for the decision to invade comes from a single hand-written page from the Soviet Politburo leadership. The document does not even mention Afghanistan, referring to it as simply country “A,” and it provides little insight into the Soviet decision to send in troops. It is as if Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet leader at the time, was a kind of Mafia Don, and his fellow Politburo members and generals his mob family bosses. Through various winks and nods – but with nothing concrete or coherent presented as an explanation – Brezhnev let it be known that it was time to do a “hit” on the increasingly annoying and irksome Soviet clients. By comparison there has been far more research and analysis of the war with which the Soviet invasion is often compared –the American Vietnam War – though arguably the Afghan war has had a much greater impact on the course of world history.

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There have been many casualties of the war that havent been recorded. Death Toll:-Algeria: 250 000

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My family were so ashamed and disappointed in me, as I was with myself. I had no idea how far reaching the consequences of my conviction would be.

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Third of all, after the war, not only did the French people and soldiers come back to France, but so did thousands of Algerians, mainly Harkis that left Algeria as they didnt feel safe there.

World War II is most commonly described as having been fought in two main theaters of war.

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Co-Chairmen Representatives McGovern and Hultgren and members of the commission, thank you for the opportunity to testify at today’s hearing on the human rights consequences of the “war on drugs” in the Philippines.

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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC pays tribute to those who served, fought and died in the Vietnam War. The memorial is a black granite wall with the names of over 58,000 Americans who were killed or went missing during the Vietnam War. The veterans’ names are listed in chronological order of when the casualty occurred. An alphabetical directory helps visitors locate names. The walls are 250-feet long, 10 feet-tall and gradually slope to ground level. Approximately 1,200 of the names are listed as missing and are marked with a cross, while the confirmed dead are marked with a diamond. When visitors look at the wall, they can see their reflection among the engraved names, which is meant to symbolize bringing the past and present together.

Charles fought against them, working with a reactionary group of churchmen led by William Laud.

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On Wednesday, Mr. Contreras said every photojournalist knows the ethical constraints. Yet, while accepting full responsibility for his actions, Mr. Contreras said he was under extreme pressure. He had been living in a cave in an area that was experiencing particularly heavy fighting. On Sept. 29, he and a freelance video cameraman also working for The Associated Press were traveling with rebel forces and got caught in an exchange of fire on a hilltop in the village of Telata.

This war became part of the 'world war' proper when Japan attacked Allied and American territories in December 1941.

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Despite statements from President Donald Trump that appear supportive of Duterte’s abusive policies, the US State Department has taken some important steps to register disapproval of the drug war. These include the November 2016 suspension of the sale of 26,000 military assault rifles to the Philippine National Police. The State Department took this step in large part because of opposition from Senator Ben Cardin, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who opposed the deal due to “concerns about human rights violations in the Philippines.”

of course, there were many more consequences for both nations.The Algerian was one of the most horrible wars.

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In the Philippines, security forces and “unidentified gunmen” have killed more than 7,000 suspected drug users and dealers since July 1, 2016, including at least 3,116 killings by police, according to government data. That death toll also doesn’t include the victims that Duterte calls “collateral damage” – children shot in the crossfire of anti-drug operations. The extraordinary brutality of the Duterte drug war is undeniable. Many of the victims are found in back alleys or street corners wrapped in packing tape, their bodies bullet-ridden or bearing stab wounds and other signs of torture.