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The second question, though, has not been solved by all in the same manner. Some, standing on the principle that God is immutable, see in the Sefiroth nothing but instruments of the divine power, creatures of a superior nature, but differing entirely from the first Being. These are they who would reconcile the language of the Kabbalah with the letter of the law. Others, carrying to its last consequences the old principle that nothing can come from nothing, fully identify the ten Sefiroth with the divine substance. That which the Zohar calls Ayn-Sof, i.e., the Infinite Himself, is in their opinion, the totality of the Sefiroth, no more, no less, and each one of the Sefiroth is but a different point of view of the same, thus understood, Infinite.

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Stereotypes are simplified conceptions of a group, and they are literally everywhere.

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Yet in his article ‘Liberalism, Distributive Subjectivism, and Equal Opportunity for Welfare’ (1990), Richard Arneson alludes to challenges with preference-satisfaction in the analytic discourse, and establishes his own conception of subjective wellbeing.

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By such a view, the history of evolution would be maintained but with two advantages. In the first place the variations which in the doctrine of descent are so perplexing, at one time seeming required as the conditions of the selective process, at another depending for their existence on this process, would be explained as due to the accidentah'ty of the genus as existing in nature. How insufficient such an explanation at present is, has been already indicated. But in the second place there would be a reason assigned for the survival of the fittest: a variety would survive and drive all its competitors from the field, because it was the vehicle of the animal type. Because of its future it would be able to enter into that reciprocal action of organism and environment, called adaptation, which is as much a selection by the former of the conditions under which it can develop, as the dictate of the latter which organisms it will suffer to develop.

As a result of representing the American nation, the winner of the Miss America pageant is looked up to as a model for style and beauty among women.

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the divine attributes; of a creation that failed because God did not descend with it to dwell in it; because He has yet not assumed that intermediary form between Himself and the creature of which man here below is the most perfect expression. These, apparently different conceptions, have been united into a single thought which is found, now more developed, now less developed, in the Book of Mystery in the two Idras and in some fragments of less importance. It is presented in the following strange manner: in the Book of Genesis mention is made of seven kings of Edom who preceded the kings of Israel, and enumerating them it mentions their successive deaths to show the order in which they succeeded one another. The authors of the Zohar took hold of this text, which in itself is foreign to such an order of ideas, to fasten to it their belief in a kind of revolution in the invisible world of the divine emanation. By the "kings of Israel" they understand the two forms of absolute existence which are personified in the "King" and the "Queen," who, by dividing absolute existence for the sake of our feeble intelligence, represent the true essence of being. The "Kings of Edom" or, as they are also called, the "ancient kings," are worlds which could neither subsist nor be realized before those forms were established which serve as intermediaries between the creation and the divine essence as considered in its entire purity.

Looking deeper, the poem is relatable to the human conception of a child through to the birth and early life....

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The Zohar itself offers us an example of these two modes of generation in the circular course run by the holy souls. The soul, considered in its purest essence, has its root in intelligence, I mean the Supreme intelligence where the forms of the beings begin to differentiate themselves one from another, and which is really the universal soul. From there it passes, if it is to be a male soul, by the principle of grace or expansion; if it is to be a female soul, it impregnates itself with the principle of judgment or concentration. Finally, it is brought forth into the world where we live by the union of the King and the Queen, "who," as the text reads, "are to the generation of the soul, what man and woman are to the physical generation--the generation of the body." By this road the soul descends to earth.

The most obvious meaning is the conception and ‘birth’ of mushrooms which is described in detail throughout the poem.

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Human nature is responsible for our definitions of abstract concepts that are surprisingly universal across the western world like justice, equity, and law.

Simple versions of Machiavelli’s conception of human nature may readily be elicited from The Prince

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We have met before with the root of this idea; but here is something more. The gradual expansion of life, existence, and of divine thought did not begin immediately below the substance; it was preceded by that disorderly and, if I may say, inorganic emanation of which we have just spoken. "Why were the old worlds destroyed? Because man was not yet formed. The form of man contains all things, and all things can be maintained by it. As this form did not exist yet, the worlds that preceded it could neither subsist nor maintain themselves. They fell in ruins, until the form of man was established. They were then reborn with it, but under other names."