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i think cloning is wrong because ... people were made only once and its wrong to clone others or any kind of organism and to me it makes them look like a god or something!! also thanks for this info i need it for an essay!

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It is also viewed as bringing the fields of genetic engineering, gene therapy, and cloning closer.

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All that aside...If scientists continue this experimenting, they will start cloning human beings, and if that information for doing this gets out to the wrong people, crimes such as kidnapping to clone people would scare us all to leave our houses in the morning. Think about it. If anyone got a hold of our DNA, they could use it to clone us and steal our identity. Maybe I'm just thinking way too far out of the box, but it is possible, right?

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Cloning is wrong. If we continue cloning, we will eventually destroy the world. For one, cloning costs a LOT of money. It will drain the country of it's money. Secoundly, the clones, if something goes wrong, they could rebel and then they could kill us. They could also come out deformed and they could look like something out of a frankinstein movie. They could be too short or too tall. They could be too fat or too skinny. If they are identical twins, we would loose our uniqueness. There would be tons of clones walking around. They would be duplicates of people that already exist. Nothing can change this. They will be the identical twins of YOU! Do you want thousands of identical you's walking around the world? Do you want your BFF inviting your twin to a sleepover? Do you want to be lost in a sea of you's? Do you want your friend to get mad at you if you invite their clon to your house for a skateboard party? Think about that when you choose. You can contact me at . Remember, think bbefore you choose!

In today's world, time travel and cloning are only two of the countless topics that are seemingly unattainable ideas of the imagination.
From the discovery of DNA to the cloning of various animals, the study of genetic engineering has changed the way society views life.

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Sorry that i couldnt respond back in 2013 when this comment was initially written. I am your clone from the future and I am here to study every aspect of your life so that i may one day replace you. Please send me every scrap of personal info you have. See you at the next skateboard party! Till then, stay alive.

Because of this discovery, the media’s attention has focused mainly on discussion of the possibility, of cloning humans.

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Human reproductive cloning is a much disputed ethical issue. Because of the high rates of deformity, disability and death resulting from animal cloning, people question whether resulting humans would be healthy and treated like normal individual. At present, the risk of congenital anomalies constitutes a compelling argument against human reproductive cloning. The argument is that human reproductive cloning should not be carried out because human clones are also likely to exhibit abnormalities due to inappropriate epigenetic reprogramming. A significant problem of reproductive cloning is the high rate of deaths and failure to produce viable offspring. More than 100 nuclear transfer procedures could be required to produce one viable clone. For example, Dolly was the only survivor from 277 embryos cloned in the experiment conducted by Wilmut at the Roslyn Institute in Scotland. Dolly died in 2003 at the age of 6. The procedures used in cloning human embryos are very similar to the cloning of animal embryos. This can be achieved by separating the embryo and duplicating one into two. Using this technique one can make perfectly identical twins. Hall and Stillman attempted to clone human in 1993 without prior approval. In November 2001, scientists from Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT), a USA biotechnology company, announced that they had cloned the first human embryos for the purpose of advancing therapeutic research. In January 2003 a biotechnology group called Clonaid associated with the Raeilian movement, a religious sector, announced the birth of a cloned baby named “Eve” but this has never been confirmed independently. The human reproductive cloning would be ethically justifiable in at least some cases involving infertile couples, provided that it could be performed without an elevated risk of anomalies.

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God supports cloning because he himself was the fist person in the world to clone , he made women out of man. He cloned her with the same DNA that Adam had , so dont go saying that GOD doesn't support cloning. Of course cloning has its bad side because the human has a shorter life span and ages quickly. And for you guys who dont believe in God , when it comes time for your judgement in front of Him your going to be punished for wanting to be the boss of yourself and not trust in Him.