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The summer heat is over! It’s time for the Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program (LCR MSCP) to start surveys for the Colorado River cotton rat (Sigmodon arizonae plenus), Yuma hispid cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus eremicus) and the desert pocket mouse (Chaetodipus penicillatus sobrinus).

The Llano River joins the Colorado at Lake LBJ, near Kingsland.

The  refers to a series of laws specifically pertaining to management of the Colorado River.

Official Site of the Colorado River Indian Tribes

Although these men explored sections of the river, it was not until 1869 and again in 1871-72, that the Colorado was fully mapped. John Wesley Powell's two expeditions, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute and Congress respectively, charted the water's course from Green River, Wyoming, through the Grand Canyon and beyond. His ten- and eleven-man crews collected information and sailed their wooden boats down one of the most dramatic and roughest inland waterways in the United States.

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The foundation of the current river law is the Colorado River Compact (CRC), an agreement between the seven river states first conceived in 1922. The CRC was developed to preserve the water rights of the upper basin states, where most water originated, and lower basin states, which had the most need for water.

The Pedernales River joins the Colorado at Lake Travis near Briarcliff.

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Our MOST popular Colorado River trip in Glenwood Springs! This trip offers an exciting day of whitewater thrills through the Shoshone rapids and breathtaking beauty beneath the majestic walls of Glenwood Canyon. Experience the best of the mighty Colorado River! An excellent choice for all experience levels. Perfect for families.

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This trip combines a half day trip on exciting class III whitewater with soaring zipline fun! Join us for a half-day rafting trip on the Colorado River through the Shoshone Rapids and breathtaking beauty of the Glenwood Canyon and thrilling ziplines across the scenic canyon high above the Colorado River.

Johnson is located on the Colorado River in the Texas Hill Country in the United States.

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Western states are using more water than the Colorado River can provide. As water levels drop, many places in the West are accumulating a . That debt will continue to grow as population increases, causing changes to ecosystems and to the land itself. It is among the most serious issues facing Arizona today.

The Colorado River and the Llano River meet in the northern portion of the lake.

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Safety is our primary focus on each of our COLORADO WHITEWATER RAFTING adventures. Each raft is guided by a skilled, certified professional. Each participant wears a fitted, Coast Guard approved Type V whitewater life jacket at all times on the river. A thorough briefing on whitewater safety procedures is given prior to the rafts entering the river. Helmets and wetsuits are provided in heavier rapids. Safety is our first concern on the river, closely followed by fun and excitement.

Lake Austin is one of the seven Highland Lakes created by the Lower Colorado River Authority.

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When one time through these fabulous rapids is just not enough! This heart-stopping trip runs through the Shoshone rapids on the Colorado River TWICE then continues through the spectacular Glenwood Canyon to our private take out in No Name. Make sure you stop by the No Name Bar & Grill for our special happy hour. This is as good as it gets!