Sin really does hurt others because sin defiles love.

We recognize the agonizing personal and moral decisions faced by the dying, their physicians, their families, their friends, and their faith community. We urge that decisions faced by the dying be made with thoughtful and prayerful consideration by the parties involved, with medical, pastoral, and other appropriate counsel. We further urge that all persons discuss with their families, their physicians, and their pastoral counselors, their wishes for care at the end of life and provide advance directives for such care when they are not able to make these decisions for themselves. Even when one accepts the inevitability of death, the Church and society must continue to provide faithful care, including pain relief, companionship, support, and spiritual nurture for the dying person in the hard work of preparing for death. We encourage and support the concept of hospice care whenever possible at the end of life. Faithful care does not end at death but continues during bereavement as we care for grieving families. We reject euthanasia and any pressure upon the dying to end their lives. God has continued love and purpose for all persons, regardless of health. We affirm laws and policies that protect the rights and dignity of the dying.

But to accept this call we must give up everything that is not love.

We scorn the suffering, self-sacrificial love with which Christ loved us to save us from our sins.

So don’t deceive yourself; acting out of fear is not an act of love.

When children do something wrong, for example, it’s far easier to tell the children they will go to hell if they misbehave than to show them consistently, , that all behavior should be by love for God.

But such behavior would be acting out of hatred, not love.

This argument can even lead to the idea that we should accept in the name of Christian love, and that we lack charity and are being merely to speak about sin.

And so the children grow up being  and understanding nothing about true love.

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Outpourings of love and support came from all corners of the Newark area Friday to honor Christian, whose generosity was matched only by his seemingly limitless energy and compassion.

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He took over the helm of then-bankrupt Christian Love Baptist Church in 2000, growing the congregation of about a dozen to more than 6,000 over the years and transforming its dilapidated building into one of the area's most vibrant houses of worship.

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'God is love' is a famous Bible verses speaking of God's loving nature. Love is not merely an attribute of God, but his very essence. Not only is he loving, he is fundamentally love. God alone loves in the completeness and perfection of love. Compare this well-known passages in several translations.

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We encourage pastors and faith communities to address this issue through preaching and teaching. We urge pastors and faith communities to provide pastoral care to those at risk, survivors, and their families, and to those families who have lost loved ones to suicide, seeking always to remove the oppressive stigma around suicide. The Church opposes assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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Though momentarily taken aback, Lewis said he was hardly surprised at the generosity shown by Christian, the prominent pastor of Christian Love Baptist Church who died suddenly Friday morning at the age of 51.

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The Greatest Is Love is a devotional about the importance of developing faith, hope, and love in our Christian character. Based on 1 Corinthians 13:13, this devotional is part of the Light Reflection series by Rebecca Livermore.