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Also, you have a major flaw in your thinking. Lets pretend for a second we live in bizarro world (which you seem to live in) and people really DO hate you SOLELY for your physical appearance. Why do you think this is? Is it not because they were from childhood told that looks MATTERED? If they were not told this, then they wouldn’t be jealous of someone for their looks. Therefore, that makes it even MORE important that we teach our children that physical appearance is meaningless. In this bizarro world where people hate each other SOLELY for their looks, it is even MORE important to teach our daughters that looks are not something of value, than it is in the real world.

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20-5-2008 · The 500 or so worst-named horses of the last decade

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Many of these Top-Ten are pretty close. I’m still amazed how passionate the arguments are for/against the AR15 and AK47 rifles. They are both battle tested and if well maintained they are as effective as the operator holding them. I agree with the comments about shooting the firearms you choose regularly and stocking adequate ammo for them NOW. Assuming you’ll be able to make that last minute trip to stock up is what’s gonna bite many in the ass. Also, teach your wife how to fire and clean the weapons you expect her to use. It will give her the confidence to actually do it if your lives depend on it.

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I love getting a mani and pedi. My hair annoys the crap out of me most of the time so I let it air dry curly but occasionally I straighten it or do those “perfect” curls with my wand. And makeup I wear for work, sometimes to class, out on special dates but really I don’t feel the need to wear it and I think I look pretty good without it. Of course, I look great with it too!

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I’m guilty of this for sure. I am also conscious to make sure I also compliment them on how smart, creative, and amazing they are in other ways.
I have two girls and I do call them beautiful often, but they also understand (because we have many conversations on this topic), that looking pretty is not important. Being beautiful is a whole package. Beautiful, amazing powerful girls worthy of all good things.
I want them to know they are beautiful, unique, intelligent, and capable of creating anything in this world.

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This. Is. AWESOME. I am the eldest of four children and my 8 year old sister loves nothing more than to devour a book. She has a better vocabulary than half of the people in my college classes, and really couldn’t give less of a hoot about what other people think. I wrote my college application essay about how her gallantry through her celiac disease inspires me, but she has shown me so much more than that. Elli represents the person I wish I could have been 12 years ago. My life would have been so much different if I had her confidence and bravery at her age. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to help foster her sense of self-worth, and I could not be more proud of her. Thank you Latina, for reminding us that every interaction with a child matters, no matter how short.

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Also, I’m not telling you what you should or should not write, but nitpicking to the point where you make a deal out of a single spelling mistake in an entire article is kind of unnecessary and can be interpreted as a tad disrespectful. I understand that you probably mean well, just be aware that doing so usually does more harm than good. Had the author actually made a little spelling mistake it would hardly have made the message any less professional or clear.

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Have to say, I d0 not agree! Even at a young age, appearance is extremely important. We have all judged the child that looks disheveled, hair messy, hair in knots or dirty finger nails or face, or who wore the party dress to school!
That continues on into being made fun of because of your upper lip hair at age 11 that you were told “no one noticed” so you shaved it. Maybe it is your first job interview and you are clueless as to what is classic and would make a good impression on your potential new boss! Not to mention how happy girls feel with pretty pedicured toes! The truth is, it is extremely important to look and feel pretty from the inside out! Teach your little girls a nice balance, tell her she is smart and beautiful and special! Show her how to apply make up properly, instead of letting her friends do it!Plastic surgery and eating disorders go far beyond commercials and peer pressure. Teach the little girls about values, self worth, making a living and supporting herself…. And looking pretty, knowing how to maximize your eyes will always make you feel good, just for you! It’s a great ego booster for all girls to get compliments, at any age!