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This plot is clearly secondary to the main story of the lovers—Viola, Orsino, Sebastian, and Olivia—but Malvolio is such a strongly drawn character that the play sometimes seems to centre on him.

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Malvolio is constantly humiliated and has some of the major elements of a tragic character.
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He then tells Cesario to deliver the same message
Is lovesick throughout the play because Olivia won't accept his love offer
At the end of
Twelfth Night,
once he finds out that Cesario is actually Viola, he offers to marry her
Sebastian is Viola's twin brother who doesn't get introduced until act II
Marries Olivia after she proposes a marriage thinking that he is Cesario
Once he finds Orsino's household, he facilitates the unraveling of Viola's fake identity
Antonio is the man who saved Sebastian in the shipwreck
Sees Viola as Cesario in the fight with Andrew, and thinking she is Sebastian, tries to save her only to confuse her
The Sea Captain is the man who saves Viola in the shipwreck
Helps Viola disguise herself as Cesario and promises to keep this secret
Twelfth Night

Valentine and Curio are both messengers of Orsino's
They both do not successfully convince Olivia to love Orsino
Love/ Interested in
Play trick on Malvolio
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Write down 3 words to describe Malvolio from what we have looked at so far and use the Twelfth Night books to find quotes to back up your chosen words.

Feste and Malvolio are two good examples of characters, very different from each other.
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My niece is already in the belief that he’s mad: we may carry it thus, for our pleasure and his penance” I played the part of Malvolio in a production of Twelfth Night many years ago.

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STARTER Sympathy for Malvolio Point in the Play Humour in Twelfth Night Malvolio is now dressed up in his yellow stockings, believing that Olivia has feelings for him and his outfit is a sure fire way to heart.

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